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0 Views 12/15/2022
The game is is really fun
Grand Survival
3 Views 11/10/2022
Hardcore Gamer
128 Views 03/14/2022
Grand Survival: Raft Adventure (GSRA) has you take control of a survivor from a terrible accident, who begins his adventure by fleeing from a shark in the middle of the ocean. Graphics (★★★★☆) ✔️ Colourful 3D art style Story (★★★☆☆) ✔️ Simple Mission: Survive the danger out in the ocean and the zombie apocalypse ❌ Narrative is rather bland at times Gameplay (★☆☆☆☆) ✔️ A mashup of game elements (Action survival, island exploration, resource-gathering, crafting and raft-building game mechanics)
24 Views 12/14/2021
Hey, I know your game is still not done, But I'll rate it as 3 star,so that players that only seeks a complete game and those that don't understand an ongoing update won't have their "high" expectations broken. This is a good game, there's a lot of bug so im looking forward to your solutions to it, after you finish the games plot please make a co-op game. It'll be fun, and your game will surely be at the top charts.
3 Views 12/12/2021
the ugliest game, a bunch of ads and premium from it will not help. And there are a lot of bugs. Fake game. With fake voices.
DARK side
9 Views 01/13/2022
I stopped at. Certain tasks and I waited days to get any task but nothing
Ken Aresthus
0 Views 02/17/2022
hey, i can't find playstore page button here. alright then, here it is= https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grand.survival.ocean.adventure
Manish Kumar
6 Views 01/15/2022
This game is best. I play one time in a week. I like it
Maro Kurdi
3 Views 04/24/2022
Fix the item timing i didnt played the game for six hour and still not completed😕
8 Views 01/23/2022
Its a raft survival game
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