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Could be great game but its freakin spoil by PC gamer.
190 Views 10/18/2023
Imagine a war where some fight with harpoon that need next level aiming skill and other  fight with hi tech sniper that is super stable for aiming precision. this is what happen when mobile game fight against PC gamer using a mouse, which is a tool expressively thinked for easy fast pin point clicking. the old scholl console gamer love the tactile in hand fun of a controler or well thinked FPS touch screen game. they aren't freakin weirdo that stay in front of their deskop immense screen with all geeky custom keyboard and ultra techy mouse.... its just plain insane to think they should play same competition. both get different kinda fun and should be separate. i'm sick of 0.000001 seconds headshots. unfair game is never fun. never. apart for PC gamers weirdos.
Hello developers. Please read this just once.
206 Views 10/09/2023
HI,  friends from all countries.I'm korean First of all I really love this game. What I want to say is that I have a suggestion regarding the current decrease in the number of users. Currently, this game has been released as a 'mobile game', but as computer use through app players increases among the majority of superstar tiers, the fairness of the game is being violated. 'Can't you use the computer too?' There are too many factors to consider for most users, such as location, time, country, financial resources, etc., to solve the problem with this solution.
Game needs to be fixed
70 Views 10/09/2023
In match graphics are bad meanwhile in lobby graphics are nice. Still good for children. For those who wanna say my phone cant handle this little game: the phone that can handle rainbow six mobile, codm, pubg, warzone, genshin, impact ,dead by daylight ,bloodstrike ,farlight ,arena breakout, Lost light , apex legends, and all other games on mobile except Fortnite ( I really don't like Fortnite so doesn't matter)
14 Views 10/13/2023
Streaming t3 as well as other games on my twitch & YouTube channel. Come support a small streamer. Thank you!
50 Views 10/09/2023
Very great graphics and is able to run very well on lower end phones/tablets. Very well recommended if you like overwatch or other shooter games. 👍 Pros: Graphics and able to run well on lower end phones/tablets. 👎 Cons: Not very much personalization. 📖 Storyline: Not much of a storyline at all. 🕹️ Controls: Very simple and neat.
117 Views 10/05/2023
👍 Pros:  literally everything 👎 Cons:  Nothing 🎮 Gameplay: super exciting 📖 Storyline: idk? U tell me i haven't seen a piece of lore for the whole time. i have been playing the game 🕹️ Controls: perfect for casuals. T3 is a simple game. You dont need to implement a four finger playing style, and that's why casuals enjoy it so much
Mập Lầy Loi Nhoi 🤣
33 Views 10/18/2023
The game isn't  bad but player's consciousness is like a garbage
9 Views 10/17/2023
this game is so fun and well made just want them to fix some bug. We got the most underrated game for what it is.
20 Views 10/10/2023
Well loved it right now they gave simpler way to get new character in game that's good, and well Imma stay you can this game, fairly decent game to be, it's pvp, and co-op. And don't worry about paying there are some heroes which are for free to play, players they're absolutely beast if you practice them..
14 Views 10/12/2023
Suited for a player like me I really enjoy the team play Especially the In game controls very user friendly to beginners
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