Cool 🥶🥶
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Game itself seems decent enough, but it's hard to enjoy a game you can't read. I don't like mindlessly tapping the red and having no idea what I'm doing. Why not make an English version so it gains more exposure and other people can enjoy the game? Edit: From 2* to 4*. I was able to play attack on time and can finally go through everything in English. The art is amazing. It reminds me of Destiny Child a little bit (although I doubt it's as f2p friendly as i haven't found 1 game as generous as Destiny Child and I've played hundreds of mobile games). I took 1 star off because of text based combat, but that doesn't deter me from enjoying this game. I would've preferred something at least with an animation, but that hasn't deterred me from enjoying it. I'll update again after playing this game more once I see if it's more f2p or p2w. If it's extremely f2p, I may bump up to 5* and if it's heavy p2w, especially late game content, then I'll subtract a star most likely. Overall, I'd highly recommend at least trying it
115 Views 2022/4/16
The only reason this gets 2☆ is the graphics. Great artwork.. besides that, it's a copy of so many other games with nothing new put into it. Gives out free currency at the beginning pretty easy but after a short while it gets impossible to collect without waiting days or for events. This game is 100% p2w and even some of the better units like UR+ is impossible for free players to obtain. The gacha rates are pretty bad, but you might get lucky.. I didn't. All in all.. game is for perverts with wallets... Nothing fun about the game.
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Pretty decent idle game but not for F2P players. The gameplay is very basic without showing us the fighting animation but you can skip them so it doesn't bother that much. Girls' profiles are very detailed and have lovely animations when touched. Sadly they are kinda hard to get without paying so I would say it's more like pay to play unless you are not bothered by being really behind with girls.
Newbee Lian
7 Views 2022/6/9
i dont believe any other company like you that only have japanese version still alived,we need more language version
plushie stealer
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bring out the global version or I'll steal your plushie
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The game is good but you have to pay to stay up to date with new characters if "we want them all" Gameplay 5/10 Characters 10/10
Trọng Nguyễn Văn
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how can i setting language to English... please
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who know 😎 who not know 🤓
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😀 awesome. Could use some english though.
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