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Mauricio Ortiz
5 Views 2022/7/11
chinese garbage
0 Views 2022/7/8
hope they have english version
15 Views 2022/1/27
Square Enix....greedy as always....they don't care of European players IMHO. Billion seller games like FFXIV or any other game, except few, never gets translated into Italian, Netherlands, portoguese or whatever. they don't give a real f### if eu players can't experience their games into their native languages and they also want just money money and money without giving the right support sometimes too or making very buggy apps other times. I'm very disappointed with SE and their games right now. Nothing to say to the lore they always put into them, or graphic efforts, technically speaking. it's just that Japan is not the whole world my friends. There are millions of fans over their little (fascinating) cumulus of islands o the extreme east of the world. that's all.
jed-cel santos
1 View 2022/2/7
cant play because it requires vpn, and i dont like using vpn for now i'll stick to BD2 on my switch but i give it a 5* based on the gameplay footage from youtube hoping it will get an english release
Machine-Gun Rose
11 Views 2022/1/14
Nice to see this game release on my birthday. Sadly not global because yet another game China will hog for themselves again. I guess we gotta wait. edit: Japanese
Foo Cyrus
3 Views 2022/1/29
Managed to play on the first day, graphics were amazing. But after the update, game can't launch. I'll try reinstalling and downloading with a VPN. Edit. vPN didn't work, couldn't even install after downloading from here. it's the same problem over at other markets. I'll suggest waiting until someone figures out how to download this game outside of JP. seems like the day2/3 update f**k us.
0 Views 2022/1/27
Why cannot open it after installed? At least show out the time when can play instead keep crash
VoRoN DarK
1 View 2022/1/27
I had to download via Japan vpn from the AppStore, after installation the game does not require vpn
Đức Toàn
10 Views 2022/1/29
I bring good news, friends download QooApp, use VPN to connect to Japan, then load the game from the QooApp I've been playing game for the pset two hours, no crash hope this would help to us all
0 Views 2022/1/28
Cool game. I played yesterday for a while and now it won't even launch. Get a pop-up about a bug and wait for the devs to release an update fixing it.
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