Screenshot of Warframe Mobile
Screenshot of Warframe Mobile
Screenshot of Warframe Mobile
Screenshot of Warframe Mobile
Screenshot of Warframe Mobile
Warframe Mobile

Warframe Mobile

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Warframe is a science fiction MMORPG with the collection and matching of equipment as the main fun. At the TENNOCON 2021 launch of Warframe, the developers of the game showed the operation of Warframe in the mobile segment and shared their new achievement of breaking the limitation of each platform and making the data interoperable across all platforms.

Super heroes

A variety of different types of heroes restore the super power fantasy, and each Tenno hero with peculiar appearance has a unique positioning and attributes. Choose different super heroes to play and get different super experience.

Action Shooting

Sliding shovel, wall walking, downward slash, back stab, close combat to achieve instant control of the enemy pleasure. Long-range attack through the slide shovel shooting, fast switch between near and far shots, draw knife chop and other cool operations. Combat is full of thrill. At the same time, you can also through strategy, positioning, operation and other skills to achieve close combat, a hit to kill the assassination effect.

Interstellar exploration

Every planet will leave your traces, and you will play the role of Tenno warrior in the vast universe to experience a grand saga of rescue and self-redemption. Frozen worlds, lava surfaces, lost ruins, mysterious voids, prehistoric temples, hidden passages and secret chambers... Thousands of interstellar maps are waiting for you to unveil the veil.

Exotic Weapons

From the cool cold weapons of ancient times such as bows and arrows, long knives, to the modern weapons such as snipers and shotguns, to the futuristic laser guns, electromagnetic cannons and even biological weapons, Tiannuo warriors are free to choose the weapons and equipment to unleash themselves in every battle.

Module collection

Play around with super power modules and create exclusive heroes in depth. Hundreds of card mods scattered across the stars can bring different attribute bonuses to your heroes and weapons. In addition to the fun they bring, how these cards are combined and installed on heroes and weapons is also a brain-burning affair. Choose the right mod and your superpowered heroes and mission experience will be refreshed.

Clan System

Join a clan, you can quickly find teammates to work together on missions; you can build a real clan home with other clan members, freely decorate, decorate dueling rooms, barracks, temples of honor, auditoriums, courtyards, build labs to develop different technologies and blueprints; after creating an interstellar voyage, you and your clan will fight side by side, and even ally with other clans. Battle the black zone to grab payoffs and resources and share interstellar glory.

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Seraj El-hasy
I can't do pre-register!!
44 Views 3d
53 Views 5d
Im trying to sign up, but after I choose my platform, it redirects me to the start-up page, so I can't input my email address. What should I do?
0 Views 5h
Love to try this one looks to be very very intense
TapTap News
TapTap News
TapTap Official
Warframe Mobile announces closed beta test for Android with registrations now open
15K Views 5d
Tech & Games - KTN
Pre-registration for Warframe Mobile on Android is open!
117 Views 7d
Warframe Mobile announces pre-registration for Android devices. Previously, players for iPhone/iPad devices could pre-order Warframe Mobile on August 28, 2023. read more: thanks taptap
Droid Zone
36 Views 11/14/2023
Litteraly  seen this game being advertised over a year ago and still nothing just another game that will never be released I guess like so many at the moment .
Jason Adecer
8 Views 4d
Ive been playing it in my switch.. its fun.. you have to extra grind if you want to be strong.. anyway.. lets hope they keep up the quality
118 Views 11/20/2023
omg, my best game in ps4 is coming in phone, I can't waittttttttttttt. guys this game is a awesome game, from 2013 I have play Warframe And it is indescribable that this game is so good.Because everything in the game is free and the credits that you have to buy with real money in 99% of the games can be easily obtained in the game itself by selling items and other things, the game maker said that if you played it, you liked it  Support the snake by buying decorative and appearance items and it is completely optional, this game is one of the best games that the creators are completely in touch with the players And they respect and act on the opinions and suggestions of the players. From your own point of view, you are facing one of the biggest game worlds with a lotttt the characters, weapons, abilities, items, resources, excellent and exciting and beautiful battles And I seriously say that you will come across one of the best stories in the world of games and it will involve you badly.
Bad Geometry
Warframe coming to ANDRIOD!
56 Views 5d
Warframe is a fantastic game that is currently on all consoles including Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo Switch and PC. Warframe Mobile has been tested on ios and is expected to release sometime in February 2024. Sadly the andriod version will come at a later time this is due to optimization. The mobile port will be just like the full PC and Console ports and will be cross progression (can use same account on any platform)
Play. BAT
71 Views 5d
And again again! I've been playing Warframe for 10 years now and I never would have thought that they wouldn't let me play the mobile version! Beta test? You are welcome! Everyone can, but your region is not supported! The same story as with the division, it seems like the region appeared, but the list of devices was changed and now you can't play! Here I think the same story, it's a pity that the opinion of the units is not taken into account...
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