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Daxx Axx
19 hr ago

I've been putting .adorable hours into this game, and have mostly enjoyed it...Mostly.... there is ALOT of p2w mechanics, like every other of these types of game. With how much they limit your ability to grind out basic resources, getting even the starter mats like stone and wood is a HUGE grind. it really reminds me of how difficult it was to grind anything in Rangers of Oblivion... Which isn't around anymore in the US, cause of the 20 different currencies and them limiting your "energy" to grind out materials. it almost drags you down, and makes you not wanna even put in the time to build up. honestly, if they boosted the chances of green drops from creatures, boosted the harvest rate, and cut back on the exagerrated amounts of paid currency, this game will last for several years... until they drop Chimera land 2, lol! like I said in the beginning, I've had a pretty good time for the most part. download it, play it, and enjoy until you run into the daily mission and xp mission grinding wall. it's a great game, there is just a fairly wide gap between the people like myself that may put in 20$ to 50$ into the game in the first few weeks for cosmetics, and those that buy the Stat boosting sigils, and use the payed currency to make leaps and bounds ahead by spending hundreds of dollars for the p2w gear. But, as far as pve play, this is one of the better games. after some polishing, and fine tuning where the new parts go on the chimera, and size adjustment on those parts, this is a really well made game.

Daxx Axx : I also forgot to add, don't expect to keep any weapons or armor for very long. I go through any of my higher Stat gear within an hour or two. and you can only repair your equipment a set number of times... So, if you don't get lucky and get your specific piece of gear as a drop, your gonna be spending irl cash on their paid currency, transitioning it into one of the premium currencies, THEN hope someone posted that specific piece or one time use blueprint to craft the said piece. otherwise, have fun dropping down an armor class, and losing your weapons that you got skills added to by chance.
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