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Max Heller
511 Views 10/22/2022
A roguelite deckbuilding dungeon-crawler. Better than other deck-building roguelikes/roguelites (Pirates Outlaws, Dawncaster, Night of the Full Moon, Phantom Rose Scarlet, Meteorfall, Void Tyrant, Spellswords, etc.). Easier to replace cards, choose path within dungeon, visit shrines (to heal HP or remove curses) located at different paths. Have partner system; you don't fight alone any more. Deep customization on deck playstyle, runes on cards (adds extra effect), character talents, buffs/debuffs passives, character class, & 1-use items.
13 Views 09/23/2021
why this game must have to be downloaded from your trash server, My internet speed is not extremely fast but I can download 3GB in 1 hour, but you're 300 MB is taking 2 hours and the wonderful thing is that I have to stay in that screen I can't use my mobile while this game is being download, Why you people can't simply put a downloader inside your app Why this supposed to be so complicated
Max Heller
111 Views 09/06/2022
Best dungeon crawler deckbuilding. Has partner system; you don't fight alone any more. Not so easy, but not so hard. Easy to replace cards, dungeon paths are revealed, healing points scattered among different paths, more freedom in character talents  leveling up
Nguyễn Trương H
13 Views 10/09/2021
really nicely designed game, but gameplay balancing is really bad. For free content, after difficulty 7, the game became extremely hard except for daniel. further into the game, daniel became the only playable charater because every other strats suck. currently on lv10 and cant move forward anymore.
10 Views 09/23/2021
5 Stars. I missed the last test, so it's the first time I play it. A wonderful game for a collectible card game. Especially the excellent single-person PVE experience. This is a quality you can only buy at steam with money. I seem to see a day when mobile phones are comparable to console games. Applause for the developer. 👏
10 Views 08/06/2021
I participated in beta test and I can say the game is great. Really one of the best ccg. Gameplay more like "slay the spire" which I really enjoyed. And, what is the advantage, it is completely free (but it has interesting dlcs which I'd like to see in future). Well, I would recommend this to every card game fan because of good balance, great art style and story. Can't wait for global launch.
9 Views 11/24/2021
Best cardgame till now and fresh ui.
11 Views 07/27/2023
Didn't enjoy the gameplay.
18 Views 09/30/2021
This is the best card game I ever played I even like it more than slay the spire since we can play with 3 heroes at once really amazing graphics very good characters design please add more and moooorrre updates One more thing if only you can give characters voice lines in combat and a little more animation movement it will be best game on 2021.❤️❤️❤️
Yep :
43 Views 04/22/2022
Fun game, from what I've seen, a lot of the negative comments are from beta which is unfortunate for the score. You start with 3 characters and then there are 2 dlc $3 each for 3 characters which is very fair imo. Edit: There is one thing that is bothering me and it is that the enemy's make there attack before fire does it's dot DMG. Makes you take unnecessary DMG or waste DMG killing off an enemy that would die to the dot anyway and the poison does the DMG before they attack so it's weird.
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