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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region

“Reverse: 1999” sets in the retro style world in the west. The story is interesting: on the last day of 1999, humanity was brought into a new age – the 1920s, by a strange storm. In the new world, surprisingly, some talented people have a kind of ability called Arcanum, and some of them become Arcanists. You will explore and try to discover the secrets in the new world.

Now you must find out what to do and save some people along the way. It’s a fantastic card-based game in which you’ll learn a lot of new stuff that RPG fans will undoubtedly enjoy.

* Reverse:1999 will release in China. This is an unofficial description of Reverse:1999 in English.

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Nan Nda
49 Views 2022/6/18
when i first saw this game only have EN dub i'm getting worried about global release, if they have CN dub and EN dub yes its definetly coming global. but i really hope this game will come to global. i really love the mechanism in term of progressing character, the art, the music, and many more.
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I genuinely can not praise this game enough. I had the opportunity to play the Chinese beta and... man... this game is FANTASTIC. The story keeps you asking questions and helps you develop emotional ties surrounding the characters while being voiced in English with incredible voice acting (With accurate British and American Accents) that hold a lot of emotion. While gameplay isn't innovative, it's a very good version of something that has been done with Seven Deadly Sins. In the most recent beta, the menus were very similar to Arknights but I'm assuming that's placeholder but even if it isn't the case, the menus work and are very easy to understand.
1.1K Views 2022/1/16
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For the developers of Reverse: 1999
622 Views 2022/1/16
79 Views 2022/1/23
Finally found another hidden gem! The game was indeed good... The UI is very smooth and the visual aspect of the game is gorgeous... The story is good as well (I'm fan of mystery type-genre so it really picked my interest) ... I'm not fan though of Turn-based (Card-battle system specifically) but that doesn't enough to stop me to not try this game ... Definitely want this game to have an English version. 👍🏻😎
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