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59 Views 11/22/2022
Best mmo game I had played . Best game mechanics for open world PK and guild battle. p2w is surely present in every mmo, it's good as long as there still a way to beat p2w players by f2p . Hope there will be another mmo that can rival Mir4
2 Views 11/12/2022
a good game but full with toxic greedy bully players.
john reyniel villaruel
0 Views 11/17/2022
Slow update
1 View 11/16/2022
t fool
84 Views 08/29/2021
3 DAYS EXPERIENCE this game is awesome for the first few hours of playing. i found that this game has great potential but they ruined it. - no clear daily goals. players just need to play more hours to gain more advantage. even if u play 24 hours a days players will still have many things to do. - inefficient mana system. the first 5 seconds in combat u can use all the skills. after that u have to use potions to restore only around 5% and i estimate around every 10 seconds u can use any 1 skill u want. basically, u run out of mana in 5 seconds and then dont have mana to use skills. wtf? i restock atleast 2k mana pots everyday.
Gaming Account
378 Views 04/11/2022
i am playing this game for almost 6 months now. At first, i played this game because i wanted to try the nft side of things. But as you play (in-auto mode always if i may add) and get stronger, more resources are needed especially the dark steel (the nft currency). instead of earning it. you'd just use it to upgrade shit. but many players use their alt character to earn. About the gameplay, THIS IS SHIT. I'm used to playing mobile games with skills you can manipulate where you cast it. That is good for pvp because you can actually see your range. But this game's interface is more like a pc game especially the placement of the skills. You can't also do combos because you will either run out of mana or your skill cooldown, unless you are a whale. You can't dodge either because the cooldown is fixed to 10 seconds, unless you have the pet\spirit with chance of resetting it. This game is not f2p friendly.
Hardcore Gamer
31 Views 08/26/2021
NB : - download from the playstore instead of here - if you already downloaded from here, go to playstore then update ------------ first impression : - wow, what a beautiful mmo ------------ pros : - graphics looks very nice, similiar to BDO and other similiar KR style - UI looks nice - chara creation kinda detailed, but gender lock, similiar to black dessert and other KR mmorpgs - theres 3 style cam mode you can choose
13 Views 08/27/2021
combat system is very lame, choppy, dodge button have 10 second cooldown in a RPG GAME.. R.. P.. G.. GAME 10 SECOND DODGE BUTTON COOLDOWN? and auto skill use is not good what if I don't want to use my skills and save for later enemy wave but no auto skill use every single skill on low lvl enemies that's not good and I can't lower the graphics I don't have red magic mobile but I do have 750snapdragon android which is ok for gaming but still this game lag too much. Graphics and stories are ok but gameplay horrible.. when fighting enemies there are too many visual effects but not much weight on it it feels like I'm fighting with paper swords. I don't understand what's with these RPG games anymore all of them are same. I have pre register many rpg games gonna un register now every single one of em is same but different characters and stories.. I was gonna give 3 stars but I remember the 10 second cooldown for dodge button.. 5 stars for graphics tho but what's the point if gameplay is not fun
1 View 08/26/2021
Jeez, when is the day Korean video game companies will learn to make all rpg automatic? What's the point of putting buttons on the screen if in the end the game will end up doing all the work and you won't have to touch any buttons? Seriously, guys, have you ever played an RPG on PC or consoles in your life? At least add in the settings an option to completely remove the automatic and battle mode for those of us who like it Seriously, guys, have you ever played an RPG on PC or consoles in your life? At least add in the settings an option to completely remove the automatic and battle mode for those of us who like it play rpgs normally without the game doing everything playing rpgs in a normal way without the game doing it all on its own and if you don't do something with it the game won't last long and you will end up dying.
281 Views 03/09/2022
I am now lvl63 just to gauge the entire experience of actually playing the game and give an in-depth review. All I can say is that it is a very grindy experience that you have to play for 24hours straight and you still won't be able to get the desired item that you are looking for. The auto quest/battle feature is necessary for this grindy game even though I am not a big fan of it. The bots mining needed materials is such an eye sore. The recent world boss update left me with a negative impact as it SPAWNS in a RANDOM SERVER, so bad. Not everyone is able to enjoy the content. The one last thing is that the game caters heavily to Player who PAY, and the number 1 Clan has subsequent clans that are also in the Top10. the game is just a mess. the only thing that makes this game popular is its Play-to-Earn feature.
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