Screenshot of Mafia Gangster Empires
Screenshot of Mafia Gangster Empires
Screenshot of Mafia Gangster Empires
Screenshot of Mafia Gangster Empires
Screenshot of Mafia Gangster Empires
Screenshot of Mafia Gangster Empires
Screenshot of Mafia Gangster Empires
Screenshot of Mafia Gangster Empires
Mafia Gangster Empires

Mafia Gangster Empires

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You’re gonna run this town, boss. Build an empire and grow your gang into a worldwide crime syndicate. Assemble and lead crews of gangsters, each with potent special abilities. Be the boss, win gang wars and expand your control over unique 3D cities in PvP and PvE showdowns. Ally with rival families or crush them in a massive showdown - you’re the don, you decide your war strategy. Seize power through strategy, tactics, muscle, and hustle to become a criminal mogul.

So whatcha waitin’ for? Crush your rivals and lay claim to what’s yours: plan heists, earn reputation, be the boss, and build your empire in Mafia - Gangster Empires.


Here’s the lowdown on the good life, boss:
- Build an empire: establish a formidable crime family by shaking down neighborhoods, laundering profits, and forming alliances.
- Build your base: defend your turf and level up from a hotel hideout to a soaring skyscraper - live it up as you takeover the virtual city
- Up your criminal game: invest in new projects that give you an edge in combat tactics, economics, and negotiations.
- Demand respect: meet gang nation rivals and rip them off - or team up now and betray them later.
- Execute jobs, get paid: daily challenges in the gangster city will earn you valuable rewards.
- Soup up your ride: visit the garage to install new parts in your vehicles for faster speed and more loot capacity during heists.
- Build your businesses: set up and expand lucrative enterprises to produce and manage resources in your warehouse.
- Your empire awaits: become the main character of an original storyline as you complete narrative missions and build your crime empire.


And that’s just scratchin’ the surface:
- These virtual cities are yours - explore and claim territory across 17 unique and immersive 3D urban environments.
- Crush your rivals and recruit more than 50 unique gangsters to carry out your “very legitimate” business operations
- Promote your gangsters to make them more effective and unlock their special abilities.
- Control multiple crews (custom-built by you) with Racketeers, Enforcers, and Grifters on simultaneous capers across the city like robbing stores, ambushing enemies, and securing strategic landmarks.
- Collect, improve, and upgrade 20 different vehicles for your gangster crews from rusty-yet-trusty cabs to ritzy roadsters.
- Build, unlock, and upgrade your base’s buildings and rooms to boost their production, storage, and more, empowering your resource management - kingpin style.
- Safeguard your empire from rival gang nations with defenders, security doors, and protective shields.
- Knock over neighboring businesses to collect Dirty Cash, Construction Materials, and Merchandise using the tactics of a gangland conqueror
- Launder your ill-gotten dollars at the laundromat (where else?) to earn Clean Cash.
- Fight small-time gangs in battles against PvE crews and raid NPC hideouts for loot.
- Attack other players’ bases and crews in PvP gang wars to steal their hard-earned resources.

Download Mafia - Gangster Empires today and make a name for yourself: flex your muscle, grow your family, and expand your empire!

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