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Sliding Seas

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The biggest difference between the game and the traditional three elimination game is that on the one hand, the game actually tends to synthesize, while eliminating, it will synthesize an advanced content, all the squares are related, to eliminate certain squares need to synthesize the matching squares, similar to the combination of three elimination and 2048. On the other hand, on the basis of this new rule, the goal of the game has also become the synthesis of advanced blocks, the main level in each level there will be waiting to save the villain, through the synthesis of advanced blocks, the villain "pull" to the top can be successfully passed. After passing, the villain will come to an island, with the number of people, the island will gradually unlock new plots, buildings and trees, etc., players can choose to adapt the specific style of various things. But the current simulation of the gameplay is still relatively thin, can not be built freely, there is no corresponding revenue, more like a milestone like something.
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