Screenshot of Tales of Luminaria - Anime RPG
Screenshot of Tales of Luminaria - Anime RPG
Screenshot of Tales of Luminaria - Anime RPG
Screenshot of Tales of Luminaria - Anime RPG
Screenshot of Tales of Luminaria - Anime RPG
Tales of Luminaria - Anime RPG

Tales of Luminaria - Anime RPG US

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Provider BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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Tales of Luminaria is a new Tales anime RPG for mobile!
You can enjoy a high-quality anime RPG game with 21 protagonists.
Find your favorite character and explore the world of Tales together!

●Recommended for people who:
-Want to play an epic anime RPG with an intricate story set in a fantasy world.
-Have played games from the Tales series.
-Love Japanese anime and games and are looking for a new Japanese RPG.
-Are searching for a 3D action RPG.
-Want to play an anime RPG game which has many attractive characters.
-Play MMORPG and online RPG.
-Want to play Action RPG and 3d RPG.

Each of the 21 protagonists has a different purpose and distinct storyline in which they must follow the path they believe in. Despite frustrating challenges, they grow steadily, and confront them strongly!

Choose a protagonist and help them survive this turbulent world with utmost concentration ! You will also meet various characters you have never seen before, yet grow to love them deeply!

In this world, prosperity is built by the “Mana” produced by the mysterious giant life form“ Primordial Beasts” that transcends human knowledge. The Federation, which regards Primordial Beasts as sacred and emphasizes coexistence with nature, depends on Primordial Beasts for the development of civilization.

Through this battle of conflicting ideas of justice, the thoughts of both enemies and friends are shown from various angles!

With cell graphic-like visuals that coexist with profoundness and beauty, such as a map with a sense of depth and atmosphere, you can freely explore a vast and alluring location! The game sequence has been designed to ensure that battles and events proceed seamlessly and at a good pace. Basic Attack /Technique/ Secret Mystery can be activated by tapping and flicking. Each action and operation system has its own characteristics, expressing the characters’ individuality!

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the game is good, the animation is cool, the story is also good, easy to understand. but I'm not familiar with portrait gameplay. maybe it would be good if the developer added a landscape screen feature in this game. it feels like a relaxing game because it only uses one finger. but my view seemed blocked because it was not wide. like watching a short video. I'm sure the game will be more exciting if there is a landscape feature. I hope the developer develops this feature. other than that it's good 👍. and btw the UI on the main menu is not exciting. i got laggy if too much scrolling down the screen 🙄.
I kinda like it, strange that there is no real tutorial though. Gameplay of chapter one:
19 Views 11/05/2021
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