Screenshot of Army men & Puzzles
Screenshot of Army men & Puzzles
Screenshot of Army men & Puzzles
Screenshot of Army men & Puzzles
Army men & Puzzles

Army men & Puzzles

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The world has been in chaos since WW3 broke out, and every land is battle-scarred and occupied by warlords and rampant lawbreakers.
The situation is changing rapidly. Before you jump into the battlefield, you have to make your strategy through the sand table exercise to ensure victories!

Game Features:
Sandtable Army Men Strategy + Match-3
✪ Solve match-3 puzzles and unlock hero skills to beat enemies
✪ Combines tactical war strategy and casual match-3 puzzle feature
✪ Employ strategies and skills to increase your power, and make sand table exercise to conquer this new continent

Varied Battle Units
✪ Recruit epic toy heroes to join your army
✪ Upgrade the special skills of every hero
✪ A variety of battle units including aircraft and tanks across WW1, WW2, modern and future wars
✪ Forge an unbeatable army that leads you to victories

Build Your Base
✪ Upgrade your base to build a solid military fortress
✪ Research cutting-edge technologies to craft new weapons and battle units
✪ Gather and control resources to develop your base

Alliance War
✪ Join an alliance to fight shoulder by shoulder with global players
✪ Develop alliance technology to help you upgrade your base fast
✪ Dive into the alliance war and become the alliance official to fight for your alliance
✪ Discover the enemies hidden in the fog

Attention: Army Men & Puzzles is a free-to-play army men themed match-3 strategy game, while some items and functions are available through in-game purchases.

Note: This game requires an Internet connection.

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