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Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II
Screenshot of DEEMO II


Just in time for Rayark's 10th anniversary comes a sequel to their classic IP, DEEMO.

A kingdom created through music faces an uncertain future after a monster called 'The Ancestor' plagues the land with a destructive 'Hollow Rain'. This dangerous rain causes anyone it touches to 'bloom', turning into a flurry of white flower petals and ultimately vanishing from existence.
DEEMO II follows Echo, a girl who has bloomed but mysteriously re-appeared, and Deemo, an enigmatic station Guardian, as they journey through this rain-soaked world in hopes of finding a way to save it.


▲A Mysterious and Emotional Story:
Why did 'The Composer', the elusive being who created this world, suddenly abandon it? Why and how did Echo bloom and then come back to life? Accompany Echo as she uncovers the secrets behind these questions, journeying to uncover the truth and save the world.

▲A Combination of Rhythm and Adventure:
Explore Central Station with Echo, interacting with your surroundings as you get to know the many station residents while discovering clues and 'Charts', magical pieces of music with the power to clear away Hollow Rain. As Deemo you'll play those Charts, putting your musical skills to the test in fun and challenging rhythm sections, ultimately moving the story forward.

▲30 Core Songs + DLC Song Packs for a Total of 120+ Tracks:
Composers from around the world, including Japan, Korea, Europe and the Americas, have created an eclectic array of tracks for DEEMO II with an emphasis on acoustic instrumentation. Genres include Classical, Jazz, Chill Pop, J-Pop, and more. Infectious, emotive melodies will give music lovers dozens of fast favorites, and creative, syncopated rhythms will make sure rhythm-game aficionados have plenty to sink their teeth into.

▲Make Friends with Over 50 Station Residents:
Central Station is full of characters with their own personalities and stories. As Echo, you can chat with them as they walk about Central Station, living their lives, opening paths to different topics depending on the situation. As you talk with them and get to know them, you'll start to feel like you're part of an eccentric new community.

▲Storybook Graphics and Artstyle:
DEEMO II marries hand-drawn backgrounds with 3D models and a meticulous attention to detail that will make you feel like you're caught in a storybook, or an anime come to life.

▲Movie-Quality Animated Scenes:
DEEMO II is full of high-quality anime cutscenes, fully voiced by professional Japanese voice actors. Pair that with music composed by DEEMO and Sdorica vets, and you've got an audio and visual treat.

Rayark is well-versed in rhythm-game production, with popular titles like Cytus, DEEMO, Voez, and Cytus II under their belt. They are well-known for mixing fun and fluid rhythm gameplay with visual flair and deep storylines, providing full, rewarding experiences to get lost in.


DEEMO II is officially launched now.
*You need to download 2.3GB data in the game.


Version 1.0.8 2022-01-13
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Version 1.0.8

- Official Release Version


77 Reviews
Play Time 2.2 hr

After playing for two days, I've completed the first chapter of the story.
In Deemo 2, there is a friendly reminder before we start talking about all aspects of the game. For example: when I use my wireless earphones, it reminds me that there will be lags, and turning on the calibrate will simply work.
When you press play for the first time, you will instantly enter the game's world and start playing after watching an animated sequence. At this point, there are no typical tutorials (though there are some), but a very clean layout, ethereal backgrounds, and simple beats. Without saying anything, the game will directly present the song to you and you can play the game. Upon reach to the climax, the game will immediately return you back to the animation, the station master is playing the piano. Such a transition is amazing.
Then there is the gameplay. Compared to other music games, such as Phigros and Arcaea, its gameplay is not very compelling. When compared with its prequel Deemo, it is apparent that the feedback of note has not changed significantly, whilst the feedback of charming has become more friendly, but still feel unable to adapt, because the feedback of bad and great is very confusing, since the note approaching the line will be very briefly slowed down, which is friendly for new players, but sometimes I will be disrupted by this setting.
Also, I've noticed that when two seemingly parallel notes touch the line when I tap at the same time, the results are one is charming and one is great (one yellow and one green), but later I discover they aren't 100% parallel, so I'm finding it difficult to cope with this matter.
In regards to the growth system, Deemo 2 has a very rich system that goes far beyond Deemo, thus you can see that the developer team wants to run the game for an extended period. But, daily tasks, Arcanum (game pass), Radiance (stamina) are all things that encourage players to play every day. As well as events later on. I'm not against them, but Deemo 2 is a commercialized mobile game that takes a lot of time and dedication to play, as many games nowadays. This is absolutely very heavy if you also play some mobile games every day.
Also, as for a song pack of 5 songs, 600 crystals = $6, which is not really cheap I think. Just hope there will be a discount for the song packs in the future.
Apparently, the plot is the most important selling point of Deemo 2 and one of Rayark's customary abilities. Since I've only completed the first chapter, I'll just tell you a little bit about it. In this game, you play Echo, a young girl, who enters a world of the gray and hazy atmosphere under the rain. You meet a white creature, Deemo, and begin an amazing journey. It is generally considered that the plot of the show and the game are interspersed. In particular, the story animation, which I mentioned above, transitions into the game and then transitions back to the plot animation. Because this game fits into a show, the pace is very appropriate and beneficial. I really enjoy it.
The plot is illustrated with the game graphics, whether it be Deemo or Deemo 2 or Cytus, their graphics are very neat. The scene of the entire train station in Deemo 2 is really exquisite and beautiful, the material is quite high quality. Plants and broken walls, marble and wood panels, and metal station signs with rust reflect the old-fashioned station of a bygone era and convey a solemn feeling. Deemo 2's art is clearly polished with great care. There is a need for optimization, according to the settings, as well as a closer look at the characters, anti-aliasing in general, and some scenes have a low frame rate. Since Deemo2 attempted to adapt to all mobile devices, the graphic quality requirements were appropriately lowered.
As for the music, it is also a feature of Deemo2. Softer instruments such as violin and piano produce an ethereal, gently flowing melody that fits perfectly into the game's quiet, beautiful and fantasy-like backdrop. So far, Deemo has already shown incredible musical prowess.
Sorry for writing so much. If you don't want to read the lengthy content above, my simple review of Deemo 2 is:
Gameplay: 7/10
Game system: 8/10
Plot: 9/10 (First impressions)
Graphic: 9/10
Music: 10/10
Overall: 8/10
Even though I give it 4 stars, Deemo 2 is still a very high-quality, artwork of game in all aspects of my mind. I can't give it a perfect score since Deemo 2, a 2022 game, is not an all-around improvement over Deemo, and its gameplay isn't the best in the entire industry. It is my belief that Rayark can write a moving story and bring a sense of art and beauty to all players. At the same time, I also wish Rayark can continue to improve Deemo 2 as a lot of players love them, love Deemo.




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Current Version 1.0.8
Size 493 MB
Last Updated on 2022-01-13
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