Screenshot of EliosM : Red Battlefield
Screenshot of EliosM : Red Battlefield
Screenshot of EliosM : Red Battlefield
Screenshot of EliosM : Red Battlefield
Screenshot of EliosM : Red Battlefield
Screenshot of EliosM : Red Battlefield
Screenshot of EliosM : Red Battlefield
EliosM : Red Battlefield

EliosM : Red Battlefield

Grand Open
Provider FingerEyes
Downloads 837Followers 603

◈ Gifts for Newbie! Left unattended MMORPG Red Battlefield ◈

■ Limited-time Growth Support Event in Progress!

■ You get rewards just by attending!


■ A completely unattended game ■
Completely unattended, from quests to hunting PVPs.
Even if I work and sleep, my character keeps getting stronger.

■ Games with other users ■
Communicate with other users through the chat function
Party play to catch field bosses and become stronger

■ A neglected system controlled by one finger ■
Automatic hunting / easy operation with automatic quests

■ There's no MMORPG more comfortable than this ■
What a waste of time! I don't want to bother you!
Don't worry about it!! Automatic hunting, convenient manipulation.
It's easy to play!!


▶ Open World MMORPG to raise heroes of infinite neglect
▶ Classic MMORPG!! Fantasy MMORPG!
▶ Another world in my hands! Elios M: Red Full length!
▶ A must-have game for stressed modern people.
▶ Classic MMORPG for slowly healing and enjoying alone or with friends around you.
▶ Games you want to reach users with continuous updates, and convenient automatic hunting time savings.
▶ Explore the vast world with a story-driven quest.
▶ Challenge yourself to a fight with the giant monsters from "The Gate of the World."


◈ Official Community ◈

Facebook :


■ Minimum specification
Galaxy S5 LTE - A

▶Information on access to smartphone apps◀
When using the app, we are requesting access rights to provide the following services.

[Required access]
Save Photos/Media/File : Used to save game-related files and play videos/screenshots.

[Optional access]
Mike: Used to use the real-time voice chat function within the app and record play videos.

[How to revoke access]
▶ Android 6.0 or later: Settings > Apps > Select Permission Items > Permission List > Accept or withdraw access
▶ Android 6.0 or less: Upgrade the operating system to withdraw access or delete the app
※ The app may not provide the individual consent function and you can withdraw your access in the above.
※ If you use versions less than Android 6.0, you cannot set optional access rights individually, so we recommend you to upgrade to 6.0 or higher.

Withdrawing essential access may result in resource interruption or game inaccessible.

◈ Information on product information and conditions of use ◈

- Manufacturer: FINGERYES
- Terms and conditions of use: In accordance with the details separately notified in the game
(If the duration is not indicated, the service termination date is considered to be the period of use.)
- You will be charged a separate fee when purchasing paid items.
- Payment amount and method: According to the payment amount and payment method separately notified for each product
(Depending on the payment method, the actual amount may vary due to exchange rates, fees, etc.)
- Product payment method: Payment by product separately notified method

- Customer Center Mail Address: [email protected]
※ For game-related inquiries, please register at the cafe customer service center.
- Terms and Conditions:
- Personal information handling policy:

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