Screenshot of REAL RACING NEXT
Screenshot of REAL RACING NEXT
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Early Test
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Real Cars. Real Tracks. Real Time. Real Racing Next.

Real Racing Next is the newest installment in the award winning EA racing franchise that shifts mobile racing games to the next gear. Show off your driving skills and race real cars on real tracks - anytime, anywhere.

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Race cars from top manufacturers like McLaren, Porsche, Chevrolet and Ford. Customize your driving controls to suit your driving style. Upgrade your car to match your driving preferences.

Race on popular tracks from all across the globe, including Circuit of the Americas, Hockenheim, Lime Rock and more, in all types of weather conditions - from dusk to dawn, rain and shine - and in multiple track configurations. Enjoy console-level graphics in this authentic experience that is unparalleled in any other game on mobile.

Progress through the Trophy Road by collecting trophies for each of your cars and earn the coveted champion title in your race to the top. Climb the racing leaderboards as you face off against advanced AI opponents and show you’ve got the speed to compete against the best in racing.

Real Racing Next. Real racing meets mobile games.


McLaren, Porsche, Chevrolet, Ford & other top manufacturers
Vehicle customization with elite upgrades to improve your car stats
Driving controls are customizable and fine-tuned for you

Experience the world’s best circuits, meticulously brought to life through incredibly accurate Point Cloud Scan Data
Physical Based Rendering and high dynamic range lighting brings a fresh feel to each race
Race in a variety of weather conditions from morning to night with dynamic wet and dry road surfaces and reflections
Experience a variety of tracks and games modes with an ever-changing list of event rotations
Beat challenges daily to earn sponsor points and progress through Real Racing’s unique battle pass system
Unique challenges are refreshed on a daily basis
The more tiers you progress through, the bigger and better the rewards

REAL RACING NEXT - The Premier Racing Experience!

This is an Early Access build showcasing some of the early features in development. The features shown here might be different than the final product.

*This is a resource-intensive game featuring extremely high-quality visuals. Please make sure you have at least 1 GB of free space on your device*
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GameZed Tv
GT car stunt master 3d Android & Ios Gameplay
1.7K Views 2022/9/17
This game is frrkn awesome for a pre alpha build. The graphics are stunning. But I really wish the devs give us the option to change graphics.There rnt any major bugs while I tested. Hope they will add more maps including forest maps. Or some maps where we can enjoy nature while riding coz the gfx is way too good to hold inside a race track.. LOVE THIS GAME
430 Views 2021/9/30
The weather effects in this game is frkn awesome. I feel like I'm playing a pc game. I wish they add more maps with tracks that runs through forests waterfalls, and flower fields coz it will be soo damn cool. Also add splash effects and particle effects. I hope they will add animation to the speedometer as well.
379 Views 2021/10/17
136 Views 2021/9/30
To be honest, although I'm an editor, I don't play many racing games. So maybe this review is not very professional, haha, as usual. Note: I find the Xiaomi device can't download it. It seems that Xiaomi mobile phone has its own installation. 😅Sorry Let's talk about the current experience. From the experience, physics is more real than rr3. Auxiliary is useful for braking. but it is not difficult even you turn it all off. About graphic, the overall is good, but there are some problems with the serrations and the shadow of body. I think the texture of the body needs to be polished, and the vehicle modeling is not fine. A little strict but developer is EA.
57 Views 2021/9/30
The old refreshed one with the latest dream car, amazing graphic and effects. One step ahead to NFS ProStreet. The Graph is officially pimped..!! i like the scene while the car running through the sun. It's well optimized, no graphic setting switch..? auto optimize might be the answer, runs flawlessly on 30fps (you should add 60fps option for a dare-devil 🤭) If you like a politely, looping track and role strictly racing game, this might be a good choice.
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