Screenshot of Phantom Blade: Executioners
Screenshot of Phantom Blade: Executioners
Screenshot of Phantom Blade: Executioners
Screenshot of Phantom Blade: Executioners
Screenshot of Phantom Blade: Executioners
Phantom Blade: Executioners

Phantom Blade: Executioners

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Phantom Blade: Executioners is a fast-paced action game set in the Phantom World, an original world conceptualized by S-GAME.
It features a rich storyline of kungfu adventures, where you dive into a conspiracy that threatens to topple the world, cut down kungfu masters who have succumbed to insanity, and find out the mastermind following a series of seemingly independent incidents.

▼Exhilarating, fast combat▼

Phantom Blade: Executioners celebrates the thrill of kungfu combat with the sheer pace of it. Just like in a good kungfu movie, you will often find yourself facing multiple opponents who just wouldn’t give a break. Dodge, parry, leap out of harm’s way, create an opening to deliver a torrent of lethal blows. Build up an expansive arsenal of kungfu moves and choreograph them into sequences that perfectly fit your own play style with the Combo Chain system, which is introduced to cut the need for excessive button-smashing or memorizing super long move lists. Explore and find your own niche!

▼Oriental art in modern glory▼

The stylish visual art of Phantom Blade: Executioners is based on Chinese traditional painting, augmented with modern sharpness and elements of fantasy. “Kungfupunk” is the name we coined for this approach, not unlike steampunk and cyberpunk. All combat animations are carefully crafted by prestigious studios under the leadership of Michael CTY, who had been the art director of Demon’s Souls and the first two titles in the Dark Souls trilogy before joining us to work on Phantom Blade: Executioners.

▼Engaging Wuxia storyline▼

The world is falling apart as kungfu masters, one by one, gain enormous power overnight and somehow turn insane in the process. As you investigate, these seemingly independent cases appear to have a pattern. The clock is ticking. Take down the insane ones before any further damage is done, and stop the spreading of body-engineering technique known as Sha-Chi Mod!
Experience an authentic Chinese Wuxia story full of suspense told in episodes and branching side quests.


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5 Views 2d
great game, remind me of dungeon fighter online
How can i get it.  Which tasks must be done?
28 Views 7d
Party Jesus
Last post for PBEX I'm done.
38 Views 7d
36 Views 11/06/2023
Love It, Love It, Love It!!! The art style was the first thing that had me attracted to it,... But once it was released. I realized how great it really is... WOW, very dynamic gameplay to say the least. I really admire action adventure games with fast pace, high mobility. That allows the player to move freely and confidently within the environment with skilled, complex combat, this game allows you to be creative within combat situations, jump, double jump, das,h slash, flip kick your way to the top! Ninja The Wonder Boy Style!!! Great job team!!!
I have been trying to install it but it keeps getting failed, have tried all methods, play store, apk even tap tap, it's the first time I'm installing it, no previous versions. Help anyone? Edit:  I have fixed it, I knew there was another app conflicting with it but there was no other way of knowing unless I tried this method, so, I used the ADB install method, its like installing apk via your pc, good thing it showed me the reason why it was not installing due to conflict with another app called dreamstime installed on my phone long ago, I uninstalled it and it worked. You need to check which app is conflicting with yours using ADB, if you don't know how check on YouTube how to install it and run this command it's pretty simple, or just use these commands which I have used, also look at the bottom it has been successful. Have a Great day! Happy hunting.
40 Views 11/09/2023
M.Muneeb.R YT
Phantom Blade Executioners (Official Launch) Gameplay - Ultra Graphics Setting
294 Views 11/02/2023
Bee Lat
19 Views 11/06/2023
The game is great but I don't think a looter gotcha game is going to last long. They don't mix with the grinding nature of the game. When  ever you don't have enough energy to continue grinding. Feels like a pay wall. I like Phantom Blade, it kind reminds me of Nioh. Which is one of my favorite games out there.
PHANTOM BLADE Global Version - Ultra Graphics Gameplay (Android/iOS) on iPhone 15 Pro
2.1K Views 11/03/2023
TapTap Creator
1.9K Views 10/30/2023
Partha Sarkar
After downloading i tried to install the game but it failed..while trying to reinstall the game this message come to screen...i try to download the game from google play store too but after completion of download it failed to install in there do i fix the problem..can anyone give advice
204 Views 11/02/2023
That's everything for now. Start a new game?