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Himshila karn
'Squid Game 3D' review
3 Views 01/04/2023
It is very nice game
shodow gaming yt
1 View 01/01/2023
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Kyle Forrester's
'Squid Game 3D' review
3 Views 11/05/2022
herebhjj Gun
Μσση Gaming
54 Views 10/22/2021
lol only first game? did you ever watch that show fully? if you didn't then don't do squid game show fan games. What should you do first watch all the series of the show then choose all of the six games and do the game. idk if the game isn't finished yet and here only first game then sry games with only red light green light game just annoying
7 Views 11/07/2021
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1 View 10/18/2021
NYC GAME BUT NEED MORE UPDATES ON LEVEL BRING SOME MORE LEVELS OTHERWISE GAME IS GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY you guys can check out my yt channel fro game play https://youtu.be/3A2nVvgTozQ
2 Views 10/19/2021
it was decent i guess. I mean the marbles part was not too bad but the whole game still feels like crap. Needs improvement! This is the kind of game that fake ads tell u to play lol
Subaru Kagemori
2 Views 10/12/2021
why is not multiplayer with real players who r using custom made vrm avatars of their choosing that they upload themselves like an avatar tied to a login account.
Hardcore Gamer
52 Views 10/09/2021
Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama television series streaming on Netflix. And now its mobile game appears. It's really amazing! What a pity there's no multiplayer mode in the game. For now I could only play with other AI. -------------- + High reducibility + Original BGM - AD - No multiplayer mode
2 Views 11/05/2021
a shitty game that was made in 2 days to get money on squid game trending, how original 🥰
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