Screenshot of CyberStreets
Screenshot of CyberStreets
Screenshot of CyberStreets
Screenshot of CyberStreets


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Welcome to Zeta city, a place where the government lost its power long ago. A city ruled by the mafia and corporations.
You are a retired police officer and your main goal is revenge. Corporations have taken the most important thing from you, your family.
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing city of the future and make your way to the top
Great nextgen graphics, atmospheric light and a lot of dynamics. Go across levels and explore Zeta city. Conquer for the place on the top of the criminal world of the future.
Defeat powerful enemies following your path of the warior. Choose your fighting style, use a weapon, cyber interface for ranged combat, and cyber-empowers to destroy enemies in a melee fight.
Find blueprints to empower your weapons and craft new clothes. Buy cyber implants in the market to change your fighting style. Change your appearance at a ghostplace. Upgrade cyber interface to use special attacks.
See you at CyberStreets.

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