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Zacker Gamer A
ZOZ Final Hour Gameplay Android APK Download | ZOZ Final Hour Mobile Action Shooter Game
266 Views 2022/5/27
ZOZ: Final Hour starts the Hour Open Beta Test in Brazil, Indonesia, and Singapore today!
8.1K Views 2022/5/26
ZOZ: Final Hour Gameplay Uncut
111 Views 2022/6/8
Cheap copy from life after and of course Dying Light
96 Views 2022/5/28
so the game was simple just battle royale with zombie sistem the bad thing was the zombie so tanky and the armament system so bad u must buy everything before battle like weapons and armor and if not u just walking away in map with only machete in han
Too many lapses
71 Views 2022/5/27
well first of all the game is good i give you that but theres alot of issue i notice like the turned zombie does more dmg than the player revive took too much long guns have same dmg killing turned zombie give u hard time  and many more i hope you fix it guys looking forward playing games like this and lost light
Dante Akraman
4 Views 4 days ago
creative game need u to think before you do anything thing i just wish they add more maps soon and mods
218 Views 2022/5/22
Yeah not interested, you might as well bring Teletubbies to the Mobile Platform since most of your games are a joke. Your not even trying to listen to what the players want on mobile, and I'm not talking about those dumb a** players that wants every game with Microtransactions as if they EARNED anything. Get tf out of here and take your garbage a** games back to China, better yet take these garba
1 View 3 days ago
lag sometimes please make can play for low
Diva Nur
Can't enter the game
414 Views 2022/5/30
Rolez Gamer
1 View 6 days ago
its a great game Congrats to the devs for making an awesome
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