What The Hell

What The Hell

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The game is not available in this country/region


What The Hell is a most realistic 3D open-world action game for you.

Do you sympathize? There's no way you can empathize. You can't possibly relate to the mother of a six year old child who was just tragically struck with a stray bullet before her own eyes. You can't understand what it feels like having just cashed your first paycheck, only to get robbed on your way to the store for a gallon of milk. You get only one word at this time. "What The Hell".

What the Hell is combination of killing people, stealing and driving cars, racing and doing all kind of different missions to earn cash by any means. The game takes place in the one of the roughest cities in the world. Get into a criminal chase as the police set in hot pursuit. Drive different cars from fancy luxury cars to beautiful import speed racing models. You need to race for money, honer and more through the streets of this epic 3D city. With each completed task you’ll earn cash, this hard earned money you can invest into real-world street racing models. Use the cash to unlock guns and graphic upgrades. Make the car the way you like it, enjoy the city but be ready to drive away fast when the police comes.

If you have a need for speed this game will give you the sensation of speed you are looking for, it is one of the most badass gangster games ever found on google play store. If you have dreamed of building up an unstoppable collection of automotive racing machines imported and luxury vehicles then download this game for free.

What the Hell game features
- A mission based open-world game, its something never seen before on android.
- Build up your garage as you can expand the space you have to store different type of cars.
- Lockpick mini games, before the heist is done you need to complete these minigames successfully otherwise you will get the cops on your tail.
- Steal all kind of different vehicles in this epic crime city thief game.
- You can explore the crime city of New Haven by car, truck or on foot.
- Drive Speed Boats and meet girls on Island what more you have ability to swim so dive in the sea
- Drive through traffic in a police chase, at get into safety in time. Make sure the cops will not lock you up
- Ride on awesome looking motorbikes and in insane fast sports cars
- Massive improvements to the gameplay, epic crime simulator vibe
- Pick up goods, earn cash in different missions, drop packages, steal cars and kill rival gangsters
- Character level system, become bigger, stronger




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Last Updated on 2016-07-14