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Aidyn Martinez
196 Views 6d
this is a great game but an update released today and taptap does not seem to have it, so whenever I try to play it im told to update the game but I c
Cre3pinho TM
76 Views 3d
I LOVE the game and have my minis maxed out but, since the last update of the game I can't update it because Taptap won't let me download it. I'd really like to continue playing the game but I guess I need to stop for now :(
145 Views 5d
I cant update my game and i even w as far as uninstalling the game just to redownload it again because it shows the new stuff on the screen for the game download but yea i just want to play the new update :/
Damon Decaria
40 Views 2d
The update that was released almost a week ago still is broken fix your dumb app store tap tap. The only reason i installed tap tap a year ago was to play Clash Mini, and now i cant play one of my favorite games because of a lazy 3rd party app store.
157 Views 6d
Anyone know why my clash mini wont update i hut the download update button but when it finished it still says update available but i cant update because in not available in my area
78 Views 11/22/2022
IIdk, maybe the Legendary League is the reason, but the game has turned into another Clash Royale: if you don't want to change your army, you are going to face a fixed set of minis in opponent's team that destroy your army in a moment
The update isn't up for 5 days!?!?!
22 Views 2d
I love the game but Tap Tap just sits there like "oh there's a new update. Pffff i don't care!" Like come on guys, update the damn game!!!!
Luca Propheti
19 Views 2d
THe game is really cool, but since The Last update i can't install The update  please tap tap i love the game
victor LEE
84 Views 6d
uuuh the update came out i can tell your going to update it later maybe like 2 or 3 day but keep the work on
38 Views 11/21/2022
Honestly I think that this game has a lot of potential but developers have to do a lot of work to keep it alive.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?