Screenshot of Life Crush Saga
Screenshot of Life Crush Saga
Screenshot of Life Crush Saga
Screenshot of Life Crush Saga
Screenshot of Life Crush Saga
Screenshot of Life Crush Saga
Screenshot of Life Crush Saga
Screenshot of Life Crush Saga
Life Crush Saga

Life Crush Saga

Provider QuickTurtle Co. Ltd.
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ㅡ Caution ㅡ
This game has a dark story of reality, and it is very difficult compared to normal games.
Please pay attention to play.

I dedicate this game to you who feel that even dreaming is a luxury.
Life is crushing! Youth is crushing! Life Crush Saga!

ㅇWhat was your dream?ㅇ

Let me introduce you to 'Life Crush Saga: Lost Dreams'.
It tells the story of young people who live a 'life without hopes and dreams'.
'Why' did your dreams disappear? What happened to them?

ㅇLife Crush Saga is a life simulation game based on a match 3 puzzle.
You can grow and dream through simple puzzles and mini games in Life Crush Saga.
You will work hard to make your dreams come true.

ㅇFrom baby to student to job seeker,
the various life situations that we face in the passing of time
make the game more interesting.

ㅇNumerous jobs with self portraits of sad young people are waiting for you.
Of course, getting a good job is just as hard as it is in reality.

ㅇDestiny cards represent various aspects of joy and sorrow,
and make the game more exciting and unpredictable.

ㅇYou live only once! Your youth has passed already, but you can live as many times as you want in Life Crush Saga!
Maybe you will have a realization of life after many repetitions?

Developer Contact:
Please contact us by email
[email protected]

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24 Views 2021/11/27
Kin Lyfeld
18 Views 2022/1/4
ba ba
A very interesting casual game that combines the two elements of elimination and life simulation. By eliminating different squares, you can discover your hobbies, specialties, and so on. There will also be various random events that may change your destiny in the game. Whether you can seize the opportunity to change your life depends on your elimination skills.
12 Views 2022/3/7
The game is better than candy crush and a little addictive at the beginning. -1 : because I never won the mini game (yeah OK I'm not very good at games but I'm upset) -1 : The blocks can be improved. There is no interaction, although sometimes it can be interesting (example : you like gaming and you use YouTube randomly, or sometimes you move cooking and you are good at it but it doesn't help)
TapTap Editor
3 Views 2021/11/22
The Sims in Match-3 Game, yes similar to EA's The Sims, but will be more casual. Players will have to play by eliminating different color blocks to get talents, talents, student loans, and when eliminating time squares the character will grow. So the best strategy is to eliminate as many other color blocks as possible while not eliminating time cubes. This way the player will successfully graduate
5 Views 2021/12/14
I really want to like this but I can't. While yes I do understand that this is a dark gritty nitty reality game and it's hard, like extremely hard, the system is way out of balance when it comes to time blocks, and distribution. There were many points where the entire board is filled with time blocks forcing you to progress multiple phases in one or two turns basically killing the chance of you ge
Hardcore Gamer
5 Views 2021/12/2
Overall gameplay is like classic color matching of 3 tiles of same color or more. Starting you will be selecting a family randomly which could be poor/average/rich family. The family you get will affect your gameplay accordingly. You go through various stages in life from baby, kid, school attending boy, college then adult. The tiles will be of 4 types. (Clock, red, blue, yellow) . Matching clocks
Hardcore Gamer
Life Crush Saga has you undergo journeys of pursuing dreams in the face of harsh reality. Story (★★★★☆) ✔️ The epitome of the unfairness in one’s life ✔️ Simple mission: Develop and work towards your dream by making decisions and playing match-3 puzzles Gameplay (★★★☆☆) ✔️ A mashup of game elements (Match-three and life simulation game mechanics) ✔️ Encounter different situations in each ‘lifetime
1 View 2021/11/22
Although, the game simulates the life of others, but like my own life in reality. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose the family you were born into, and if you are in a poor family there are no bonuses, and you need to gather grants to go to school. In addition, the various opportunities that you will acquire in life, that is, the game's fate cards. Some allow you to double your somew
I'm enjoying this quite a lot so far. The stories are rather dark and sometimes hits pretty close to home. I guess so far the most frustrqting aspect are the time blocks and the loan blocks. One is too many and the other barely has enough... Pretty hard ngl...
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