Police Sim 2022

Police Sim 2022

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Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022
Screenshot of Police Sim 2022


Patrol the streets and become the ultimate Police Officer in this spectacular driving simulation game. This new police simulator offers you gigantic cities to explore, several types of missions and countless vehicles, upgrades and officers. Drive around the open world maps or get out of the car, control your officer and have fun in our ultimate police simulator game.

Pick your favorite car and complete missions or just free-roam the huge maps. You will have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, ranging from regular cars and classic police cruisers to more exotic supercars and hypercars. You can even drive some massive SWAT trucks!

Complete the various missions in our new 2022 Police simulation game. The Chase mission is one of the most exhilarating driving experiences you can have: chase and hit the suspect's car until you get to arrest them. If you like some more relaxed driving you can try the police escort mission or help your squad stop suspect vehicles with spike strips in the roadblock mission. If you enjoy giving out tickets, try the Parking and Radar missions.

You can also go Undercover with a special set of challenges, unique to our next-gen police simulator. Feel the thrill of the car chase in the Fugitive mission or quietly drive behind the suspect car from a distance in the Follow mission. You can also complete Stakeout missions, in which you take photos of illegal activities.

Police Simulator Features:

◾ Amazing selection of different types of vehicles.
◾ Different police officers.
◾ Explore gigantic cities (4 times larger than before).
◾ 8 mission types with more coming your way!
◾ Realistic Controls (tilt steering, buttons or virtual steering wheel).
◾ Realistic vehicle features and physics.
◾ Visual tuning options and Police cruiser upgrades.
◾ Amazing next-gen graphics with weather effects, rain, fog.
◾ Ultra-realistic city traffic (cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles).
◾ Pedestrian traffic makes the city feel alive.
◾ Career, Free Roam, Multiplayer plus milestones and challenges.
◾ Frequent updates to our police simulator game to keep it fresh and fun!
◾ Brand new missions and police cars coming in 2022.
◾ Request new vehicles or features on our social media.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a Police Officer in our realistic police simulator game. Install it now!


Version 1.9.91 2022-01-12
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- 2 New cars added
- Performance improvements & Bug fixing
- New Special Offers in the Shop
- Discounted car prices


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Hardcore Gamer
Play Time 29 min

A sandbox simulation game where you can choose to play as a police officer or an undercover agent. The tasks in the game are quite simple, and there is no clear plot at the moment. I have a feeling the game developer is a car lover, because this game has a lot of car cleaning stations, car repair stations and gas stations in addition to the missions. I'll tell you what I think of the game from all sides below.
- Graphics
I tried to play the game in Ultra quality, and although I felt that the quality could be improved, I was still comfortable with scenes like the one where it was raining at night.
- Map
There are currently two maps in the game, Shanghai and Los Angeles. Both maps are good, I like Shanghai better. The store signs and a variety of details have been done in the local language. The Rome map is in production and should be released in the future.
- Mode
The game currently has three modes, mission, multiplayer and free mode. It is recommended to start playing directly from the mission mode. The multiplayer mode has very few players at the moment. I was lucky enough to find a server with two online players when I entered. I could see the location of the other players on the map, but only after we met did I realize that there was nothing to do together.
- Guide
The most missing resource at the beginning of the game is money. The lack of money will even cause you to be unable to carry out certain tasks and the system will prompt you to need a better car. Therefore, it is most important to finish the tracking or surveillance missions first and upgrade your vehicle.
- Other
Every time you exit the game will go to the main menu will be forced to pop up ads. There are also inline ads within the game. This really annoys me, especially since there is no reward for watching these ads.
- Recommendation
Add more interactive features. At the moment I can only walk and run when I get off the bus, it would be much more fun to add more things I can do.




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Provider Ovidiu Pop
Current Version 1.9.91
Size 1.23 GB
Last Updated on 2022-01-12
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