Screenshot of Rune Evolution: Earn NFT
Screenshot of Rune Evolution: Earn NFT
Screenshot of Rune Evolution: Earn NFT
Rune Evolution: Earn NFT

Rune Evolution: Earn NFT

Provider Rune Metaverse
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You have 5 minutes! Grow your dragon 🐲 by collecting sprites placed throughout Mage Isles or eating up smaller players. Follow objectives, avoid bigger players and pick up runes all over the map! Compete with other players to have the highest score and earn NFT! 🎁

1️⃣ Find rewards:
Play every day and pick up rewards on the map! Earn NFTs and other amazing rewards on the blockchain! Play to earn NFTs. Withdraw them all to your wallet!

2️⃣ Explore and avoid others:
You'll start as a dragonling, that can fly around the islands and consume sprite to get stronger - but watch out for other players, or they might kill you!

3️⃣ Game Modes:
β˜† Standard: The default experience!
β˜† Let's be friends: Don't kill anybody. Avoid other players while collecting sprites!
β˜† Deathmatch: Get as many kills as possible!
β˜† Orb Master: Get as many death orbs as possible!
β˜† Sprite Leader: Consume as many sprites as possible!
β˜† Fast Drake: Get the final evolution, Drake. Life decays quickly, but if you get Drake, you'll blaze through your opponents!
β˜† Bird Eye: Enjoy playing from a brand new perspective!
β˜† Evolution: Evolve as often as possible!
β˜† Friendly Reverse: Do not kill any players!
β˜† Reverse Evolve: You start as the last evolution, Drake. You're slow, keep on devolving to collect sprites quicker!
β˜† Marco Polo: You're zoomed in, you'll see less!
β˜† Dynamic Decay: Increase the life decay when there's more players that have evolved into Drakes!
β˜† Leadercap: Kill the player who won the last round!
β˜† Lazy Mode: Standard gamemode, but the first two evolutions are the same speed!
β˜† Mixed modes: We're experimenting with these to use them as the new standards.

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