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Screenshot of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile
Screenshot of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile
Screenshot of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile
Screenshot of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile
Screenshot of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile
Screenshot of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile


Time to awaken your dormant action instinct!
Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, where everyone starts anew!

Now, experience the exhilarating pleasure of action anytime, anywhere!

▶ Game Introduction ◀
■ Original action pleasure Dungeon & Fighter Mobile!
The intense combo action of the original that you can feel with a touch and high-quality dot graphics!
Experience the thrilling action pleasure unique to Dungeon & Fighter on mobile!

■ Dungeon & Fighter's unique combo action
The next level belt scrolling mobile action that contains the essence of Dungeons & Fighters!
Through a specialized operation system for mobile such as chain combos, slides, and expansion slots,
You can enjoy extreme action that you have never experienced before.

■ Various characters full of personality
With characters representing Dungeon & Fighter
Let's go on an adventure through time and space once more!
Experience a different playstyle with a variety of unique skills and weapons for each character!

■ Plenty of entertainment
First introduced in Mobile Dungeon & Fighter
Including the overwhelming scale Lotus Raid
World Boss, Ancient Dungeon, Hell Party, Duel, etc.
Enjoy a variety of action pleasure content!


16 Reviews

I attend the test yesterday which is already closed now. DNF, which is noted on the PC. I know it is a good game and has a long life for a game who first released in 2005. Many people are still playing it even for now. Unfortunately, I haven't played much. I remember I tried to play it several times, but I give up quickly. So all my opinions may not very rational, especially for the old DNF player.
First of all, I think that the graphics are not so good. Although it is retro and similar to the PC version. It’s fuzzy on my phone. I don't know whether I should admire them for making this one so similar to the PC version or blame them for non-innovation in such a long time.
Gameplay: DNF may be one of the games focused on horizontal fighting. I mindfully observed the combo system of the game. Just like PC, a good combo can greatly improve your DPS, There are many combos you can try. But what makes me wonder is that you can set a lot of skill on your keyboard cuz there are many keys. But how to realize it on the mobile phone? I'm curious about how he can put so many skills as PC does. In my test, I only find there 1 basic attack + 3 other special attacks.
I only played few hours. All Korea. Basically, They just try to port the content from the PC to the mobile. 

Let me guess for a moment. I think many PC players will be satisfied with this because at least he really looks like the original one. But for me, I feel that the upgrade is insufficient, and I didn't like this type before and won’t like it in the future.
So I can only say, you may be good, but we're not suitable.

— A highly unprofessional editor Tim




Last Updated on 2021-12-20
Network Connection Required
System Requirements Android 5.0 +