Screenshot of Forsaken Hospital | Horror
Screenshot of Forsaken Hospital | Horror
Screenshot of Forsaken Hospital | Horror
Screenshot of Forsaken Hospital | Horror
Forsaken Hospital | Horror

Forsaken Hospital | Horror

Provider Silest Studio
Downloads 5,544Followers 4,208

★★★★★★ Game Description ★★★★★★
Get Ready for the real horror game experience, one of the new horror
survival games experience, challenging and full of puzzles and mystery, Forsaken Hospital is horror survival game puzzle and physics based, when you are in a ghost hospital and scary game experience, full of fear and horror, against multiple enemy who are more terrifying then the evil nun and granny.
The Forsaken Hospital is hunted by ghost and creepy doctor, try to stay alive and safe in your mind against spooky jumpscare.

★★★★★★ Story behind Forsaken Hospital ★★★★★★
In the 1980's a hospital was located in the north of Morocco, this horrific hospital was known for that doctors carried out an illegal operation for their patients, from torture, selling body parts, fertilizing corpses, and all kinds of torture.
When the government exposed these illegal events that took place in the hospital, it closed it forever in 1995.
After 8 years, Richard Farroukh, a specialist in paranormal phenomena, decided to visit the hospital in Morocco after obtaining permission from the government, to record and document the environment around the hospital that had been abandoned for 8 years.
But the hospital wasn't empty, when Ritchard arrived at the hospital, he found supernatural things going on, and the ghostly sounds of dead patients.
After a period of searching, he finds that it is someone, a human who looks like a doctor, Richard tried to talk to him but found him trying to chase him, Richard tried to escape but the doctor caught him, and imprisoned him in the operating room.
Richard's goal has now changed from discovering the hospital to trying to escape from the mad doctor. Will he run away?

★★★★★★ Gameplay ★★★★★★
You will play as Richard , a specialist in the paranormal, who try to discover the Forsaken Hospital,
after he find himself kidnapped in this creepy hospital,
and he try to escape from the creepy doctor who try to kill him.
the player have no chance to fight his only way to escape is to hide,
and solve the mystery of the hospital and escape form it in the 3 days.

★★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★★
- Experience real survival horror: You are not a fighter - if you want to survive the horrors of the hospital, your only chance is to run...or hide

- Immersive Graphics: The high quality of mobile games is close to that of computers and consoles.

- Hide-and-Hide: Stealth-or-Die gameplay

- Unpredictable Enemy: Players cannot know when - and from where - the enemy will eventually catch up with them

- Real Horror: Forsaken Hospital and its characters are inspired by real horror, criminal insanities and supernatural phenomena.

- Challenging puzzles: The game is a puzzle base that the player needs to solve to reach the goal of the "escape" game.

- Days Cycle: The game takes place in 3 days, if the player does not escape in 3 days, he will die.

- Scary Atmosphere: The game has a scary atmosphere that makes the experience even more terrifying.

- Challenging Experience: The game wants to give the player the most challenging experience and fun gameplay with the best possible horror experience.

★★★★★★ Specifications For Ultra and High quality ★★★★★★
CPU : Octa-Core Max 2.8GHz or above
RAM : 6.00Go or above
Android 9 and or above

Phones like :
Pocophone F1
Poco X3 Pro
Poco F3.
Poco X3 NFC
Redmi Note 10 Pro
Poco F2 Pro
Poco M3
Mi 8
Redmi Note 9 Pro
Samsung Galaxy A22s 5G
Vivo Y31
Google pixel 3 XL

★★★★★★ If you have under this specification play normal or low.

★★★★★★ If you want to have a scary time and fun gameplay, play Forsaken Hospital : Horror now and try to escape from this horror hospital. Frights are guaranteed.
It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.
Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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TapTap Editor
8 Views 2021/12/20
A horror and escape game that is more like Granny on the whole. It also has a normal mode and a ghost mode; though the ghost mode is great for enjoying the horror atmosphere, there are ads every two minutes. This is not a very enjoyable experience. The graphic is not bad, but its overall optimization is lacking. I had the problem of getting stuck when being chased by the doctor, and because of the
Hardcore Gamer
6 Views 2021/12/20
The game is good and fairly simple. You must find the needed items in order to escape the hospital. There are some hints that will help you to progress your mission. Avoid the doctor roaming at all costs in order not to get caught. The challenging part about this game is the items. You can only pick up one item at a time. Drop the current item in order to pick up another one. If the doctor caught
7 Views 2021/12/21
As of now, this game is unplayable. The controls sucks, the analog always stuck at downward position, the camera view sucks too, the game lags frequently. But the graphics and sounds is good enough. I hope everything gets fixed soon. My device have SD855, it's plenty powerful for these type of games.
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4.8K Views 2022/1/19
Hardcore Gamer
11 Views 2021/12/21
It's a horror survival game where players avoid doctors and rats, as well as solve a few puzzles. There are two modes, with easy mode and normal mode. I must admit, I first played easy mode, then jumped to normal after an hour or so. Easy was well... easy, with the rats and doctor easy to avoid. Normal is a bit more challenging and some parts actually had my heart racing as I have been caught in n
Hardcore Gamer
3 Views 2021/12/20
The main gameplay is to find the relevant items and escape from the hospital according to the mission hints. The doctor will patrol and you need to avoid him or you will be caught. Rats will attack you and you need to be careful. The game has two difficulties, the easy mode forces an ad to pop up every two minutes, but the doctor and rats will be easy to deal with. In normal mode you have three da
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