Screenshot of Kill Dash
Screenshot of Kill Dash
Screenshot of Kill Dash
Kill Dash

Kill Dash EA Global

Provider Clarkia Games
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(Early Access) Kill Dash is a fast paced infinite dash killer taking place in a cyberpunk environment.

A horde of demons has made their way to earth through an inter-dimensional portal.

Slice your way to the source with your sword !
Dash and Kill all demons by doing stylish combos!
Collect orbs to upgrade your abilities in the shop.
Submit your score to the leaderboard and try to reach the top!

- Dash through enemies to avoid falling.
- Chain kills to up your combo score and get more orbs
- Upgrade your abilities with your orbs and learn to stomp, or grap enemies.
- Fight bosses with unique patterns.
- Get the slow motion ability to slow time and get a chance to go further.
- Reach the top of the leaderboard and challenge your friends.

This version is in early access. It lets you play in infinite mode in the first zone of the game. More content will be coming soon with more zones and enemies AND customizable character skins!

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