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Screenshot of STARENA
Screenshot of STARENA
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As an intelligent machine gladiator, you fight against the machinery and creatures across the universe, and win spectators' cheers, support, and bounties. Your goal is to become a champion.


Version 1.2.10 2022-02-22
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As an intelligent machine gladiator, you fight against the machinery and creatures across the universe, and win spectators' cheers, support, and bounties. Your goal is to become a champion.


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Glen loshi

One of the best games you can download here..
As a big fan of Dark Soul, I like this game so much.
First of all, let me briefly introduce ARENA. It’s a game you play the role of Mecha Reaper J3, a fighting robot, and challenge various Bosses in the arena. These boss battles are hard. If you've played Dark Soul or Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you know what I mean. The game has us die again and again in the way before we finally defeat the Boss. The process would sometimes be painful and frustrating, but when you really made it, it would give you an unprecedented sense of achievement.
Even The game is ported from PC, I didn't feel any discomfort with using a virtual joystick. The gameplay is enthralling, the soundtrack is outstanding, and the voice commentator makes the game more immersive.
Let me share some tips and tricks here. Don't be too greedy when you attack the enemies, or you will be dead meat in 20 seconds. Rhythm, we must find the boss battle pattern and use the chance between the boss releasing the skills. If the timing is wrong, just let it go. Not being attacked is the highest priority.
Observe more, Don't be irritated if you were dead too much, and learn the boss battle pattern from each death. The feature of this kind of game is that you learn from your failures rapidly, which makes you grow. Finally, You can defeat bosses even without any injury.
First Boss is a giant robot that has 2 stages. In the first stage, he should take 2 small hammers in both hands respectively. This stage is relatively easy to deal with. The trick is to keep the distance. Every time he releases his skills move to his lateral arm and attack. If he darts towards you, you better move around and hit his back as much as you can. After losing two health bars. he would enter stage 2 and transform into a figure holding a sledgehammer with two hands. His previous two arms would fall off and you could use them as temporary weapons. If you've knocked down his back armor, there would be a health potion there.
At stage 2. His attacking range becomes pretty large. Whether he whirl or lift the sledgehammer hitting the ground with all his strength. Remember to leave him as far as you can. If he rushes towards you and keeps hitting the ground with a sledgehammer, sprint to the flanks.
The second boss, the lizard or dinosaur, is much more difficult than the first boss. He has three stages, and the difficulty of each of them is close. It may be hard for you to get familiar with his battle pattern. When the fight begins, there’s no need to get close to him because he would move to you. All you have to do is try your best to bypass his head and stick to his left foot. Left Foot, Left Foot, Left Foot, Remember that. Because he only flicks his tail to the right side, this is the best position to make some damage. Then, 2 things need to be paid attention to. One is to sprint away from him immediately when he glows with yellow light because he is going to dash. Don't worry about the red one which means he would stick out his tongue. If you keep moving around his left leg, all will be fine.
It would be much harder to dodge his attack when he rolls into a ball. Remember to sprint up and down and drive him in circles.
In the second stage, he began to spit poison. And because he acquires the new ability to swing his tail, the rear is not safe anymore. At the end of the second stage, the boss will eject a large toxic swamp pool so leave immediately after killing it, otherwise you will have to watch an advertisement for resurrection.
Then comes the third stage. To be honest, I think this stage is the simplest. The only difficulty is that he always tries to run away.
In summary, STARENA is a game full of challenges. And death is inevitable, which also is the fun of this game. I highly recommend it.




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