King of arcade fishing

King of arcade fishing

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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


1、In 2016, the city's most popular multiplayer online fishing game,gorgeous debut,Casino free lottery.
2、100% real reduction of fishing enhanced version of the arcade.
3、PK real fishing game,true to the romantic fishing game,beautiful picture,live funny dubbing upgrade interesting.
4、Get one million Welfare,wheel of Fortune turn non-stop,time chest open every day.
5、A clean Sweep、DaSanYuan、DaSiXi、similar bomb、full screen bomb、energy cannon and many more classic gameplay.
6、Great holiday gift welfare, massive receive free daily Coins
7、Join fishing send gold,there are more free coins every day, fishing worry-free.
8、Massive coins big run,skills and gifts to send non-stop,every day you can get a free gold and mysterious skill packs,let you free to completely experience the pleasure of fishing!
【Game Characteristic】
1、Holiday festive gift bag.
2、Skills and gift packs daily, free use features, daily tasks more than others, collect their prizes to get soft.
3、Time chest open every day, 12345 Wheel of Fortune turn non-stop.
4、3D stereoscopic BOSS seabed strolling,Boss challenge: upgrade your super weapon,Use unique Cheats with Boss battle to the end!
5、The king athletics: participate in networking field fishing game!Experience the thrill of athletics!
6、Frozen world、lock BOSS、diverse skills,rich in play,what's more there are mysterious treasures waiting for you to grab!What are you waiting for,put your hands up, let us work together to experience spear fishing Story!!
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