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Fading City is an open-world survival mobile game with a wasteland city theme full of cooperation and hope developed by NetEase Games, which support players working in groups of 2-4. The story is set at the ruins of a city called Weidu,. Under the blue fog, people struggled to survive but still could not avoid the ubiquitous blue particles. You can freely explore the open and huge city ruins, collect supplies, craft weapons, solve puzzles, and fight with other survivors against powerful alien species. You can also freely build underground shelters to resist alien invasion.


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The game offers plenty customization of character, however be wary if you spend too much time customizing your character. The game will crash in ~2 minutes and won't save your character appearance progress. If you're someone that likes to thoroughly customize your character appearance, you can't as you won't make it past ~2 minutes (I've tried 4 times). So you must keep the default appearance to be able to play.
The story of this game is a repetitive one as is any zombie apocalypse survival game, and we've seen the like of them in console iterations. The zombie survival genre does exist on mobile but widely available in a top-down, low graphic, and build your home base operation. However, I have not seen one to the extent done here on mobile of this high quality (perhaps Crisis X), and this game looks very promising.
This game look to be of console quality utilizing the highest possible resolution and graphics that current high end mobile devices can handle. So if you have older devices you will have trouble running this game in older devices.
Gameplay involves you to travel across an open world with different terrains all of which are unique locations. You can interact with certain objects in these environments such as to search, break windows, and vaulting over objects. In addition you are rewarded for exploring habitats with food, ammo, and even items (for story completion). Your character needs all of these items to survive literally or else they faint on screen without food or water. There is a bunker feature that has stations that allow you to upgrade guns, build armor, check tasks, and buy supplies needed for guns and armor.
In game currency looks to be earned via gameplay with completing tasks, and collecting supplemental items (diaries). Check the Weidu summary page, and tasks to collect rewards.
There is a multi-player feature, but none of my request have been accepted in order to see if it functions. Or it could be because I have not reached missions that require more than one player.
Overall this is definitely a promising game from netease, gameplay is good with an increasing roster of zombie opponents and the story definitely adds to the experience of the game. No bugs (yet), only problem currently is the constant crashing while customizing your character, and perhaps some game mechanics such as not registering touch when unlocking numbered locks.
Definitely recommend people to play this game and I am looking forward to this game releasing.




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