Screenshot of Fading City
Screenshot of Fading City
Screenshot of Fading City
Screenshot of Fading City
Screenshot of Fading City
Fading City

Fading City Test US

Dev active
Provider Netease Games Global
Downloads 109,869Followers 61,436

Fading City is an open-world survival mobile game with a wasteland city theme full of cooperation and hope developed by NetEase Games, which support players working in groups of 2-4. The story is set at the ruins of a city called Weidu,. Under the blue fog, people struggled to survive but still could not avoid the ubiquitous blue particles. You can freely explore the open and huge city ruins, collect supplies, craft weapons, solve puzzles, and fight with other survivors against powerful alien species. You can also freely build underground shelters to resist alien invasion.

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Fading City In Game Video Details
4.1K Views 2022/1/7
Hiccups is what game has.
383 Views 2022/1/7
Fading City (Netease) Supported Devices!
2.5K Views 2022/1/7
It is not a game from the other world, it is from the heap for now it is in beta phase, we have to wait as it evolves.No es ningún juego del otro mundo, es del montón por ahora, está en fase beta. Hay que esperar a que evolucione.
627 Views 2022/1/7
TapTap Editor
About device compatibility
462 Views 2022/1/8
Just in Love With Graphixx 😍😍 Game Story is Amazing. Don't Mind These Ratings Its worth Trying 100%. i know Its Limited to Few Device And It'll Surely lags On Low End Device But Game will have Optimisation In future Update. I Have Mi 10 - 8GB Ram And Snapdragon 865 ( I can Play In Max Setting @ 40FPS )
258 Views 2022/1/11
It took me more than an hour to enter the game. The package is 1G, and need to download another 3G before entering the game. The progress of setting appearance is good. You can make a lot of adjustments. But as a third person game, is it really worth putting so much effect on this function? I can't see his face most of the time. To be honest, the graphics are not as good as I expected. Especially after I watched the excellent cutscenes. A little bit disappointment.
360 Views 2022/1/7
28 Views 2022/1/10
this game mechanics is exact same with the last of us and its good even tho it is still in beta test. i was hoping they add like side/front/back roll to easy dodge enemy attack which can save ur life. Also the game open world is quite enjoyable and hidden puzzle scatter around the map which is fun. There is one bug concern me that i can't craft anything even tho i have the material, it won't craft from backpack. other than that everyesle is good tho 😂
Arbie Bajuyo
25 Views 2022/1/10
i envy those people who can play the game . the graphics are good but not every device can play it . the rating is low because most of the players has compatibility issues same as mine but you did well in the graphics .i just want to play it badly
23 Views 2022/1/8
Game is very fun but it seems like the game is not very optimized to lower end devices nor very higher end devices so that's not too good but overall the gameplay and the storyline of the game is fun but just very laggy so keep that in mind also 2GB package once you install it.
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