Screenshot of Fading City
Screenshot of Fading City
Screenshot of Fading City
Screenshot of Fading City
Screenshot of Fading City
Fading City

Fading City Test US

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Fading City is an open-world survival mobile game with a wasteland city theme full of cooperation and hope developed by NetEase Games, which support players working in groups of 2-4. The story is set at the ruins of a city called Weidu,. Under the blue fog, people struggled to survive but still could not avoid the ubiquitous blue particles. You can freely explore the open and huge city ruins, collect supplies, craft weapons, solve puzzles, and fight with other survivors against powerful alien species. You can also freely build underground shelters to resist alien invasion.

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12 Views 04/18/2023
i want download the game
Yasin Ansar
25 Views 03/30/2023
I wanna play this game I've heard good reviews about it.. But i think i won't get it to play now.
3 Views 12/28/2022
This game is good
66 Views 01/12/2022
Definitely better than life after. Great graphics and solid gameplay. Sadly headshots aren’t one shot kill for even the weaker zombies. I would also like to see a filter for sorting stored items in the future. Due to it being a closed beta, getting into multiplayer matches can sometimes be a bit difficult. Would like to see more variety of weapons(and more weapon/item drops out in the map). But all in all, really looking forward to the full release.
22 Views 02/15/2023
I really want to play this game... Because I love zombie
5 Views 12/25/2022
How to play this.. Please need help
19 Views 12/31/2022
Because  I'm alone  at home for 90
115 Views 01/07/2022
it's pretty decent. Character customization can be improved, there definitely needs more representation for western players. Everything is organized and simple to understand if you're familiar with mobile shooters. I love how you can customize the guns, upgrade, and swap parts from other guns! You will definitely spend 20-30 minutes or more looking for collectibles, and gear, and un-arming traps on missions. (Gameplay is not short!) There are also some clever jump scares from zombies, the kind that you would see in a console game. Fading City would also be amazing if there was Controller Support!
Ankit Kumar
16 Views 12/28/2022
Graphic are very good and I like this type of zombie game on Android
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That's everything for now. Start a new game?