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Vellas Hafter♡
5 Views 12/25/2022
abdou lee
2 Views 12/21/2022
I can't play it keep saying the security of my device is low
Help the game tell me update but i cannot bc tap tap not has a new update TT
0 Views 11/28/2022
Uyên Đinh
1 View 11/20/2022
YouTube Channel Support
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Hello All, I just joined this community. I’m Yami, I’m a Youtuber that is trying to grow my channel. I main MHA: The Strongest Hero and Black Clover M: Rise of The Wizard King(when it releases) if you enjoy one of these anime’s or both then my channel is for you. Please check it out if you have time, the link to my channel is thanks in advance 🙏
1🌟 I cant find how to bind my account ,and i only see bandai namco id acc to bind and i tried it & i sign up using Twitter and FB bc their is no google so i tried those 2 and it says error because of my country or territory.
34 Views 02/09/2022
11 Views 02/08/2022
mha strongest hero is better i am selling my smurf account for 300$ i have almost all units with 100k power there
26 Views 02/09/2022
3★ for now. Bandai has been doing a pretty crappy job with their games lately. I just hope this game wont end up like Tales of the Rays or Isekai Memories... Edit: So far, its pretty good. We can reroll as many times as we want on the beginner gacha and we can get as many as 2 UR characters or memories per roll. I got Tomura and All for one on my 11th roll and Im happy with that. There are also LOTS of beginner missions, which means lots of free stuff for us! ✦.✦
Hardcore Gamer
149 Views 02/23/2022
My Hero Ultra Impact (MYUI) assigns you the task of putting together your very own team and stand bravely against the heinous pursuits of the villains looming ahead. Graphics (★★★★☆) ✔️ A decent mix of 2D and 3D art style ✔️ Nice character animations Story (★★★☆☆) ✔️ Recap cinematic is a nice touch Gameplay (★★★☆☆) ✔️ A mashup of game elements (Idle, turn-based 3v3 combat, RPG game elements) ✔️ Gacha system for characters and memories
Hardcore Gamer
28 Views 02/25/2022
Oh wow, another My Hero Academia gacha game! But this time, the game gives us superdeformed or chibi versions of the manga/anime's beloved characters. Gameplay-wise, it's pretty standard. Battles give resources, players use resources to improve their characters and also roll the gacha, and so on. The game looks good, and I like the chibi designs, but it feels rather standard among gacha games. The gacha itself is pretty generous (or I am just really lucky in this game... or just spent too much time in FGO). I have gotten some pretty rare characters so far, and rolling the gacha here is easier. There is also a no duplicates system which is always welcome. As for the story... it's basically a recap of the My Hero Academia story, so nothing much to talk about here.
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