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Screenshot of Tower of Fantasy
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Tower of Fantasy is a 3D immersive open-world handheld game developed by Hotta Studio. It combines de-labeled characterization, film and television-grade motion capture, high-freedom world exploration, and a scrappy sci-fi art style with a variety of scenes, interactive puzzle elements, and fast combat feel, to tell you a post-apocalyptic story of rescue and destruction.

Unreal 4 engine creates the seamless world, motion capture system gives the character real dynamic, various scenes interaction can be used for everything, low threshold, high depth, high refreshing operation system precisely meet the needs of all levels, careless action can trigger the hidden plot, gradually unlock the secret behind the main story. The fate and future of the world is in your hands every second!

*This is an unofficial description of Tower of Fantasy TW Version in English.


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steam engine
5 days ago

As a capital Nintendo game fan, let me talk about my evaluation of the game
It is recommended to experience the original painting mode of 120 frames on the PC. there are many problems in this game. Network delay, service queuing, some weapons feel indescribable, source operation is anti-human, map loading is frequent, frames are dropped, krypton gold content is slightly more radical than traditional two thorn newt hand tour, and bugs emerge one after another, but I haven't encountered these. If you put aside the above, You will find that the overall quality of the game is really high in both the two thorn newt category and the traditional MMORPG category.
There are many details in the map scene that are not careful and difficult to notice. For example, when the character floats in the waterfall water flow, it will be pushed to the corresponding direction by the water flow, the grass cut under high image quality will float with the wind, and different camps in the field will hurt each other when they meet the enemy.
Different regions have a set of music with different styles but in line with the overall artistic conception and extremely rich environmental sound effects. For example, you can hear the sound of seagulls, animals and waves on the beach, mixed with the sound of the wind blowing the grass. With the music, I can only describe it personally. Many domestic games pay more attention to "music" than "sound effects", Both players and manufacturers have largely ignored the quality of sound effects. If enough, the game experience will change qualitatively. It is rare for the game to have originality in sound effects. It is enough to prove that the game has made great efforts in the environment.
As for the experience part, after three days of high-intensity map clearing exploration, my personal experience is more comfortable. The comfortable exploration experience is mainly due to the strong mobility of the protagonist of the game. He can take off in situ, hook and rope in the air, and two-stage jump + three-stage sprint in the air. This saves me a lot of time climbing and running, and the exploration is more operational.
In terms of map design, I also think it is very excellent. The last time I saw a map with such a large exploration depth and span was the magic sword 2 of switch platform. There are very dense collection elements in the map. Dandelions can fly out of the core when they float away, stone holes on the side of the road can open the core, wild flowers can burn the core, mushrooms can step out of the core, mechanisms can be smashed, pushed, fried and found. There are always some unexpected gadgets in all kinds of strange places. In short, the exploration elements are very rich. With the mobility of the protagonist mentioned above, once immersed, the exploration can't stop at all. In addition, the other parts seem slightly bad.
I like the background setting very much. It's a very typical Japanese soft science fiction. But as far as the main line is concerned, up to now, the sense of stop is biased towards the daily account. Except for Xia Zuo and several turning parts, basically playing won't make many waves in my heart. The plot of the branch line is lack of design, that is, the standard running collection and running cycle, which makes the process a little more fun with excellent character mobility and rich map exploration elements.
The handling of some weapons is even more problematic. It may be that there is a problem with the pre input priority. The long press and heavy hit of ice sword must wait for the previous action to be completely completed before it can be pressed again. I can't input the heavy hit instruction in advance at the end of the last action, which leads to that it takes two seconds to enter the next set of combo after the nest is finished, which greatly affects the experience.
There is nothing to say about the numerical value. Different people have different opinions. The overall framework of the game is still more traditional MMORPG, and the communication and interaction between players between maps can still bring a lot of fun. However, compared with the traditional MMORPG, it integrates more routines in the two-dimensional mobile game: for example, it takes physical strength to brush the material book and the consciousness book. The main way to become stronger is to draw cards, which greatly reduces the proportion of mall payment compared with the traditional MMORPG. This makes the game have the characteristics of traditional MMORPG heavy interaction and playability. At the same time, it also adapts to the playing rhythm of the mainstream new generation of players. Therefore, if you are a more core player, your perception of the game should be good in theory.
Let's talk about my overall evaluation.
I spent the most space on the editorial part to evaluate its excellence. It is determined to be of high quality and high completion. It belongs to the first-class level in the world and is deeply rooted in the essence of Nintendo. I hereby give a full score of 6 points 6 / 5
The operational part of the game is full of hard injuries, but the character's mobility can still cooperate with exploration to pull back some scores. I give 3.5 points 3.5/5 here
The plot has a very good foundation and the performance is first-class, but the narrative rhythm is still a little inferior. I give 3.5 points and 3.5/5 as appropriate
From the perspective of player interaction, there is no mandatory social interaction, and the single player experience is more comfortable, but even so, the occasional encounter in the map and cooperation with other players still bring a lot of small surprises to the experience. I personally give 4.5 points 4.5/5
Finally, from the perspective of krypton gold, I think the current open krypton gold content is actually closer to the old school two-dimensional mobile games. Some things are clearly prepared for krypton people. Civilians do not demand nor have great elegance. In addition, there are also rich ways to obtain resources outside krypton gold. Gold nuclear energy and black nuclear energy go whoring for several pages. However, if this set of things is placed in a strong interactive MMO world, it will appear a little radical. I can only give 3 points and 3 / 5
Finally, I can only that Nintendo is worthy of being the master of the world. Any leakage of its knowledge and ideas can change the wind direction of the whole industry. As a game with a little picnic like, this game is undoubtedly excellent in applying to the content taught by Nintendo, but it is rigid and insufficient compared with the part taught by picnic. There are few comments on the contents of different opinions. Finally, the most important thing is to think independently. Playing games should be evaluated according to your own experience. Limited by everyone's different awareness, knowledge, experience and understanding, my opinion does not apply to everyone. Just choose the game that suits you. As far as I'm concerned, I'll play.




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