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Screenshot of Over Hazed
Screenshot of Over Hazed
Screenshot of Over Hazed
Screenshot of Over Hazed
Screenshot of Over Hazed
Screenshot of Over Hazed


Over Hazed is a global massively multiplayer online strategy game where players are going to explore many unique game features, such as the Haze system, Watchtower, high tech MCV, and enjoy an unprecedented strategic experience. Watchtower remains the key to winning battles, you can occupy it to expand your range of sight in ways that help you track the enemy and gain an advantage. And you’re free to drive your cool MCV to explore the mysterious haze system, dig the ruins or ambush enemy’s resources. Moreover, you can recruit a group of elite survivors with special skills and upgrade them to build a strong army. Join an alliance now, and occupy the World Center with allies to become the king of this wasteland!

Game Features:
1.Unique Haze System
In this game, everything hides under the thick haze, such as resources, zombies, bandits and conspiracies. To survive, you need to drive your MCV to explore the haze, but be careful, cunning enemies may ambush you there as well! And you must unite your allies to occupy watchtowers and fortresses to expand your sight and gain an edge in the war.

The special “MCV” makes everything in the wasteland easier. For example, it allows you to remotely deploy troops, scout or sneak up on the enemy. What’s more, you can also use it to search the ruins in the haze to get key materials. Meanwhile, the performance of MCV can be improved by upgrading its parts.

3.Real-time combat mode
In Over Hazed, you’re going to enjoy different combat modes.You can either challenge in the VR Arena alone to win rich rewards or join an alliance and team up with allies to challenge alliance exploration and fortresses or attack other alliances. The great cross-server war also gives you a chance to compete with powerful alliances on different servers.

4.Hero combination and growth system
You’re going to lead your elite survivors to fight in the wasteland. Going forward, you can strengthen their equipment and skill, and upgrade their combo skills as a way to boost might and improve strategy!

5.Fortress War
With the occupation of Fortress, you will gain a wider range of sight and enjoy strong alliance buffs. You need to train a strong army and work with your allies to occupy heavily guarded Fortresses to gain valuable resources and advantages over the enemy.

6.World at War
A game event where you need to occupy energy stations and activate the laser cannon to attack the enemies with your allies! The alliance that successfully occupies and cracks the World Center will become the ruler of this wasteland, enjoying a better sight and wielding supreme power.

Your suggestions are valuable to us and we shall be pleased to solve any problems for you!
Please contact us through:
Official email: [email protected]
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/overhazed/


Version 1.0.0 2022-01-28
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Brand new content is now available:
1.Added a new event Extreme Challenge. In this event, you can choose heroes and interior officials to rate, and the higher the score the better the rewards. Please access the event screen for more details, and we'll be sending you an email to let you know when the event will be open.
2.Added 2 special festival Interior Officials, check them out! The new interior officials have all been added to the draw event and can also be opened through interior officials chests.
3.Added a special festival Town Appearance - City of Tigers.
4.Added Spring Festival event-related items and resources.
5.Fixed the abnormal display of event email text.
6.Fixed other existing glitches.
7.Improved the layout and display of some interfaces.


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