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Screenshot of Project Stars
Screenshot of Project Stars
Screenshot of Project Stars
Screenshot of Project Stars
Project Stars

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Dear Explorers:

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Project Stars is a sandbox game about exploration and adventure in the vast universe. Experience infinite freedom, build, explore, fight and survive together. You will have a chance to think beyond ourselves and the Earth, a chance to conquer and explore the vast cosmos, and a chance to truly reach the unreachable.

A Marvelous Interstellar Travel
Immerse yourself in the mysterious black time-space. The unique spheric map presents you with a seamless space travel experience. Get ready to land on one of those habitable planets and find the home to your heart and soul in Beia Galaxy.

Building and Crafting with Imagination
The sandbox gameplay offers you great degree of creativity and freedom to interact with. You can create your own base, weapons, vehicles, or even bridges and roads all from scratch. From now on, you will be given the power to reform the world as you like.

Exploration with Great Visual Enjoyment
More than 10 kinds of ecosystems, hundreds of animals and plant species, rugged terrains, dazzling aurora, and other rendering effects will make each of your exploration a fresh new one. While enjoying the scenery, don’t forget to collect adequate resources to sustain your living on planets.

Combat against Alien Creatures
The fascinating appearance is always accompanied by unknown dangers. Fierce alien creatures are spotted over the planets and ignoring them will cost you dearly. Equipped yourself with weapons, battle suits and covers to survive the hazardous environment. Remember, never lower your guard at any time.

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