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This game is my rotator cuffs warm up before workout.
263 Views 03/12/2023
Not your average Rhythm game
47 Views 02/28/2023
I’m blown away on how this game looks, feels and plays! :o I’ve played rhythm games in the past but this one in particular really stands out from the rest, I’m still getting used to it because it involves your phone to be rotated so it CAN become a bit challenging, but I honestly…I’m at a lost for words.. :o I really did not expect it to be THIS good. It was well worth $2.99 I’m also really enjoying the story ☺️
15 Views 03/07/2023
Every game I've played for the past couple of years have been so boring until I came across this game. It's so perfect, I love mobile gaming and I love rhythm games(osu, Fnf, etc.). Songs are amazing the visuals are also amazing, so is the game play, it's all so perfect, im not even exaggerating either.
Cristo Fer
3 Views 03/03/2023
One of the most innovative gameplay I've ever seen in a rhythm game
Prox Gamer2.0
0 Views 6d
I love this game! It's the future.
Enu Bt
One of the games of all time
2 Views 02/28/2023
Pretty fun game! The only limitation is actually the device optimisation. (for mid-range phone, the gyro is just laggy, misinput exist a lot when the device is hot) otherwise its one of the mobile games that is playable by pure thumb (still waiting for rizline tho)
Jake W.
'Rotaeno' review
24 Views 02/12/2023
Really fun to play on your downtime. Always wanted to play it since i seen it at an arcade in Dallas, Tx in Round1. Was always fun to just watch and when you get to play it, even tho its not in english at the arcade, but once you get the menu down its easy to maneuver. Great game overall.
0 Views 03/10/2023
very good
1 View 02/28/2023
The game widened the boundaries of mobile rhythm game.
21 Views 02/07/2023
Using unique controls  which is never yet added to any other rhythm games. Frequent updates and free songs. Newly added game mechanics every major update and challenges. Great storyline for a rhythm game.
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