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394 Views 06/18/2024
wonderful graphics, gameplay, and music. take a while to get used to though. I usually skip the story but its pretty well planned out.
Люмийское Сало
Why is this game on Google Play and there is no login via Google?!  It is impossible to enter via tap tap! At first the game crashed after logging in, but now it freezes and does nothing.
80 Views 06/11/2024
58 Views 06/07/2024
👍 Pros: love the gyroscope mechanics that I have now sent anywhere else :D. the UI design is a masterpiece, it's beautifully animated and designed 👎 Cons: one detail that I find confused us why on earth there had to be a child on practically each song cover, most of the original song covers are replaced with something else like why. and most of the good stuff is behind a paywall :( 🎮 Gameplay: 10/10, nothing to say about it
245 Views 06/01/2024
Her well, I'm not going to play it, I thought it would be like a piano, But it's not that at all, it's not clear at all what to do, What to press, and the music in Japanese, even in English, would be sealed and electronic music added, this is My favorite
I have lost my 20 lvl account linked with TapTap but I can't play anymore because I have to pay for it... So today I started to play it again with new guest account...😭
33 Views 06/07/2024
12 Views 06/05/2024
I can't believe that this is free 👍 Pros:
172 Views 06/04/2024
As a thumb player I think I found my new favorite game, if u also are a thumb player i 100% recomend it!
5 Views 06/04/2024
An awesome rhythm game with a twist!!
2 Views 05/31/2024
My brain too weak for this game
5 Views 05/30/2024
very original with very good songs and a fairly large difficulty window
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