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Screenshot of Project:XD
Screenshot of Project:XD
Screenshot of Project:XD
Screenshot of Project:XD
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Provider XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
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Project:XD is a new life simulator developed in-house by XD.The chance to slow down and enjoy the little moments in life is finally here. No matter your hobbies, personality, talents, or appearance, Project:XD is your chance to share them with the world - however you want. We hope all citizens of Project:XD will find their own rhythms and create new moments of joy in their daily lives.

【Game Features】
▷ Island Life Has Never Been This Relaxing ◁
No alarm clocks in this paradise! Leisurely rise each day with the morning sun to seed, water, and fertilize your plants as you watch them blossom. Grow your favorite flowers and create the garden of your fantasies. If landscaping isn't your passion, you can explore every inch of town, learn the birdsongs that echo through the forest, or journey to mountain springs. With your fishing rod and basket in hand, you can even join your friends on the fishing journey of a lifetime. Stop, take a look around, and enjoy the charms of a relaxing life.

▷ Build Your Dream Home ◁
Harness your imagination and build the home of your dreams. Gather resources to craft exquisite furniture, build a roof over your head, and let out your inner DIY designer! Crossbreed flowers into stunning colors which can be refined into dyes or turned into vibrant works of art. Your home can be as colorful as your imagination!

▷ Your Hobbies, Your Path ◁
Break free of reality in Project:XD and pursue your hobbies without restriction. Become a chef, a gardener, a fisherman, a painter, or even a musician! Learn recipes to bend incredible flavors to your will; paint masterpieces inspired by scenes in town; practice your favorite instrument and record songs which will last forever. Your path is yours to forge. All this and more await you in Project:XD!

▷ Make New Friends ◁
As you climb winding stairs and amble through alleys lined with flowers, a piano melody may find your ears. As you grip the steering wheel and take in the fragrant spring wind, perhaps a villager will wave hello. Maybe a passing stranger will become your closest confidant. In the ever-changing rhythms of life, may we find harmony as our songs align.

【Contact Us】
If you have any suggestions, issues, or feedback, please contact us through the official Project:XD forum on TapTap. Swing by and meet your new neighbors!

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