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"Ball Legends" is a super fun and challenging competitive game that can play against players in real time all over the world. In this world, each character is transformed into a unique ball, and the goal is to survive as the big ball eats the small ball. Hey, being a Ball Legend is every Ball's dream!

Gaming Strategy:
1. The big ball eats the small ball is the truth of this world!
2. Getting bigger and fatter is the dream of people in this world!
3. As long as you control the trajectory of the ball reasonably, you can eat the balls along the way and become bigger, fatter and stronger!
4. Don't be depressed, as long as you keep eating, you will become an invincible legend one day!
5. The big ball should not be careless, pay attention to the thorn ball when rampaging!


Version 1.0.9 2022-05-13
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V1.0.9 Updated instructions
New Features!
>> Added the shortcut function of "play again"
>> Added version number display and version update prompts
>> Added resource processing for old clients

Bug fixes and improvements!
>> Optimized the display style of chat bubbles
>> Fixed some in-game bugs
>> Other experience optimization


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Current Version 1.0.9
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Last Updated on 2022-05-13
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