Screenshot of Shoujo Wars
Screenshot of Shoujo Wars
Screenshot of Shoujo Wars
Screenshot of Shoujo Wars
Screenshot of Shoujo Wars
Screenshot of Shoujo Wars
Screenshot of Shoujo Wars
Screenshot of Shoujo Wars
Screenshot of Shoujo Wars
Screenshot of Shoujo Wars
Shoujo Wars

Shoujo Wars

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In a certain space-time, there is an earth that is completely different from our star.
It is a new world created by God who pitied the people who lived in the collapsed world-the name is "Phantom Continent".
The land under the power of God is full of vitality, and people are spending peaceful days in this world.
It became a perfect miniature garden that was not influenced by the outside by the blessing of God.

In the darkness, there was a person who was peeking into this world.

"Genshin Impact"
In this world, the created gods were honored as "former gods" and they lived at the ends of space-time. However, they distrusted each other and started the war.
Countless gods fell in the war, and the remaining gods joined forces to create "chess of the gods."
"Chess of various gods" is a game in which the gods put humans on the chess board and enjoy the way the pieces live desperately in the war but die miserably.
This evil Genshin, who put humans on the chess board due to evil thoughts, gradually became known as "another god."

"Different God"
Humans who cannot oppose God head-on, in some way, sneak into the phantom continent.
Caused countless tragedy. This tragedy is what triggered the encounter between you and the girl.
Gentle Yamato nadeshiko,
Gluttony and innocent child,
Mysterious female knight,
A hard-working dojikko white-haired girl,
Severe cold maid,
And a small but capable god,
Now that the continent is at stake, you are the last hope.

The gentle Amaterasu Omikami, who was traumatized by the evil rebellion of the "alien god", descends to the world himself and resists his destiny with you and the girls drawn into the "chess of the gods"!

Fight with beautiful girls from different worlds on the continent of fantasy!

[Rich scenario, plenty of immersive feeling]
・ Abundant original stories with over 1 million characters!
・ A Japanese-style fantasy that is always trapped in a hidden conspiracy.
・ You can experience it with different types of beautiful girls!
・ Enjoy meeting various girls!

[A system that balances fun and relaxation]
・ With an optimized team, you can choose a strategy according to the enemy!
・ Feel free to leave it alone!
・ You can enjoy the best sense of accomplishment by defeating the powerful BOSS!
・ The number of items will gradually increase, and you will get a strong sense of harvest!

[Super gorgeous animation performance]
-Abundant characters from playful cute characters to cool and shocking characters!
・ Some characters have hidden animations!
・ I am very satisfied with the elegant Japanese-style healing BGM!

[Encounter with beautiful girls in a different world]
・ In the middle of an adventure, you can build a bond with a beautiful girl with a different personality and appearance!
・ By getting to know them, you can understand the unknown side!
・ Let's interact with your favorite beautiful girl!

[Pounding service screen]
・ A beautiful iceberg who gets well when she drinks alcohol, and a natural maid who apologizes for wearing cute clothes.
A wild girl caught in her trap while hunting her.
・ At what event will you meet your favorite character?

[Multiple gameplay that can be played for free]
・ In addition to the main battle, you can compete with other players!
-Combine characters with different abilities to create your own strongest team!
・ Create your own dream team!

[Create the strongest army with your friends! ]
・ You can form alliances with various players in the game and work together!
・ Defeat all competitors and grab the victory!
・ Compete with other powerful players and aim for the top!

[Raise your liking and release your underwear]
・ Give a gift to your character to increase your liking!
-When the liking reaches a certain level, you can release the character poster!
・ The higher the liking, the more posters you can release!

[Abundant mini games]
・ Puzzle, puzzle solving, maze escape, dungeon
・ Lucky ingredients making, cute costume Fukubiki, Takamagahara ruins!
・ Not only interesting, but also plenty of rewards!
・ Make things with a cute cat!

[Recommended for people like this]
・ Pixel art ・ Pixel art ・ Those who want to do logical puzzles
・ Those who want to escape the mystery maze
・ Original story Those who want to history
・ Those who like anime
・ Those who want to feel flashy and exhilarating in battle battle scenes
・ Those who like cute cats
・ Those who like manufacturing simulation
・ Those who want to raise a beautiful girl
・ Those who want to play crisply and without stress
・ Those who want to become stronger every day
・ Those who want to play in a short time

Recommended environment: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later

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