Screenshot of Ace Racer
Screenshot of Ace Racer
Screenshot of Ace Racer
Screenshot of Ace Racer
Screenshot of Ace Racer
Screenshot of Ace Racer
Ace Racer

Ace Racer Test US

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Ace Racer is an innovative racing mobile game. Let's become super racers and join the Speed Festival. There are various real cars from legendary car manufacturers and surreal cars with a range of customizations, every car has its own special Ultimate, let's enjoy the thrill of racing and takedown the competition!


Every car has its unique Ultimate, you can flash through walls, transform while driving and drift with high-speed! Enjoy every minute of driving and never follow the routines!

You can drag unlimitedly in multiple fascinating tracks around the world. City, Countryside, Dessert, Forest and Northern Lands are all of your choices! You can enjoy the beautiful scenery in famous tourist attractions at super high speed!

You can own the cars permanently once you get them. You can drive 80+ authorized cars from more than 25 well-known car manufactures. Each car is unique and you can drive anytime you want!

Customize your car with paintings, stickers, shining wheels, light srips, etc. You can even get your own license plate! Let's drive the most personal cars to dominate the track!

Speed and thrill is only one thing you need to know, it is easy to drive even if you're new to the game! Each competition is fast-paced with one minute per round! Dig, drift, drag and drive your way to cross the line! You are the owner of the track!

Please contact our customer service at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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I haven't been able to pl- oh, I think I just remembered reading something about the next reopening of the game. But could you please tell us exactly when we can play the game again, because. Ummm... last time I checked, I didn't see any available servers.
5🌟 God Game Graphics: 5🌟 Style :5🌟 Chinese Style Art: 4🌟 Chinese Car Paint:5🌟 Their is An Anime Paint I saw 🥰 Cars: 5🌟 I love The game on the start bc it give you a choice to choose which car , if i were you choose carefully Their are dif category of cars dont get blind by its beauty. Choose whose stronger not by beauty. Dif category of cars have 3 Categories - Support, Speed and Hmm i think its a car that beat the other car idk what its called and i choose of course the Speed.
451 Views 2022/3/9
98 Views 2022/5/14
I've played the test version of this game. Gosh I can't explain how awesome it was. Among all the racing games it had a bit different concept but was great and lets not even talk about graphics quality it was just out of this world. My most favourite part was the photo session part of this game. I'm really looking forward to this game's release. But I do hope that before the release they extend the racing time of each race a bit more and make the game a bit more smooth
The game is simply phenomenal, exactly as I expected. Definitely one of the best racing games made for Android to date. The graphics, the setting, everything is amazing! But I'm having 2 errors with the game... - The first is that when I finish any online race, the game disconnects me from the server immediately, and I have to log in later and come back. - The second error is that there is a screen that the game freezes now, and you can't exit...
96 Views 2022/3/9
21 Views 2022/4/17
This is a great racing game. The graphics are great. You can also design your character, buy clothes and stuff. It can be played online with other players or solo, there are quite a lot of maps and stylish cars, too. You can also take your character's picture with its car which is also nice.
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