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I loooooooove this game, it's just makes me feel like I'm on PC and I was like "GUYS, I FINALLY PLAYED IT" 🤣🤣 anyways, I rate this 10/10
12K Views 09/18/2023
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New f2p weekly event 🎇OPERATION RED🎇 HOW TO INSTALL WARZONE ✅👹 1st  install Australia VPN from playstore & turn on VPN (recommended: select server Australia, Melbourne 1110 or any) 2nd clear data of playstore & now click on your Google id top right! and click add another account. create new Google account. after that search warzone click install. version 2.10✅ 3rd incase it doesn't show app, clear data of playstore &open again it will take Lil bit time to load... then select the Australia Google account you created...again search warzone click install.
201 Views 10/10/2023
646 Views 10/16/2023
What country do I need to use VPN for?
426 Views 10/01/2023
👍 Pros: Really fun game, has the same guns as the console version and everything and the SBMM is pretty good. 👎 Cons: There are mostly bots in the game, and you need a VPN, (you can use gear up booster app and set the region to europe and you can play) also if you are on android the graphics are horible unless u have a gaming phone. 🕹️ Controls: The controls are also very simple, and there is gyro, touch screen, and u can connect a controller to play if you want.
42 Views 10/12/2023
The game is the single handled most bad optimized game of this type of "new" the game it self is good only If you have a devices that can run it well even whit other devices it only the loading screen whit dowloading proccess could heat UP the device or only dont let it even install it. 1/5
Kantubuktha Lathick chandra
44 Views 10/18/2023
🎮 Gameplay: 👍 Pros: 📖 Storyline: 🕹️ Controls: 🎨 Graphics: are so good
32 Views 10/12/2023
good game.Still needs an improvement with optimization and  add some things  that are in wz2/mw2(mw3)(like daily logins type of events (like 20 year anniversary daily login))
31 Views 10/14/2023
Unless your device has a Snapdragon M1 or its comparable bionic mobile chip or higher, you'll be playing the game with less then 30fps whilst on the lowest settings. Even then, I hope the game eventually supports 90fps for devices with higher end chips or than your iPad.
45 Views 10/16/2023
Ilike the game. Ilike the idea of 10minutes battle royal. I can't wait till next yr for official release. I hope it release earlier
Иван Петрунин
25 Views 10/17/2023
Played the beta version liked it. Now I'm waiting for the general release of the game, since I can't play with vpn.
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