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Ellie Kin
I feel like I'm playing a console game
8.5K Views 11/30/2022
Hardcore Gamer
Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is launching a limited release!
114K Views 11/30/2022
One Hell of a Game...
5.6K Views 5d
Fix logging in warzone mobile
354 Views 3d
Warzone Mobile Limited Release Feedback
144 Views 2d
Already played it using a VPN but, I gotta say this is a HUGE STEP than COD:M. They locked the graphics option for some reason maybe due to being out of the region that is being released was playing it or the developers really didn't want to push it more than what they intend to release. Multiplayer was smooth but some parts of such maps are laggy and buggy when walking past through it. Still, it is playable and a lot of players are really Grinding a lot in the game.
471 Views 6d
One star for me cause i cant able to login in to the game to even play it always stuck at loading page so yeah that is a thing you need to fix and provide google/apple/facebook etc. Login options if ya can cause to create a activision id is complicated so yeah it needs very much finishing so realease it later not early anywhere this year cause it will have bugs etc. So yeah that was a review about current warzone have high hopes from this.
Force closing
1.9K Views 7d
I guess it's too soon for this one, it barely even opens up. Somehow after multiple tries of opening the app, i eventually managed to download the resources, but then again the app keeps force closing. I don't know if it is because I am not from the region it is released it hut it doesnt show if that is the reason either, abruptly closes. The login screen is also a hassle. Took multiple tries just type in my login details, so can't imagine how much laggy the game might be.
Cosmic Rider
I'm not sad, I'm fucking disappointed
160 Views 2d
This outrageously the dumbest release I've ever witnessed, if downloading 5gb worth of ressources wasn't enough, this crap won't log into my account, i even changed the password and it still won't work always saying that the coordinates are not valid Like imagine releasing one of the most anticipated games in history that might even revolutionize mobile gaming with countless hyped players only for it to be fully loaded with the dumbest bugs and technical issues, can't even load to the damn menu and besides it literally lacks gyroscope, what in the actual fuck is this complete lack of commitment here? We're not asking to make the perfect battle royale but at fucking least make it playable
401 Views 5d
Graphics is good like the pc one but need more optimization, size is relatively large, fake minimum spec (i have realme gt master 778g adreno 642l with 8gb and still lag with ton of lag spikes and make my phone want to explode even though it say 6gb and adreno 618) and more. Idk how you make this game but if you want to compete pubgm and apex you need to optimized this s
I Have Waitting This Games So Long Time Ago, but I Have Problem, There is Some Error At while iam Downloading This Games, this file has a huge file inside, it's around 5gb More. My Connection Provider, cann't Downloading the files from this apps, we always get error while donwnloading this games, so Maybe Someday If You Can Making A Better Again If This Files Downloading As The Other Games, Making DLC "Download Avaible Content" At The Games, So We Can Chosse What We Can Download Or Recommended Download, So We Can Downloaded Better Then Ever, If We Making Download One File Somepeople Have Different Connection And Different World wide, so There Some Problem Too, this my problem So Iam Sorry There Is Some Bad Word From My Type, Thanks For Your Attention
448 Views 4d
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