Screenshot of Journey of Greed
Screenshot of Journey of Greed
Screenshot of Journey of Greed
Screenshot of Journey of Greed
Screenshot of Journey of Greed
Journey of Greed

Journey of Greed

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Publisher XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Developer Dird Games
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Avast ye, mateys, and welcome to Journey of Greed, a card game that is sure to test your friendships!

Sail the high seas long enough, and you might just find yourself without friends.

How could having no friends be fun? Batten down the hatches and I'll explain...

As a pirate, sailor, or whatever “scurvy cur” you fancy yourself to be, you will explore the Lost Isles with three other companions in search of a legendary treasure.

Your adventure is sure to be full of dangers. Only the "bravest" and "smartest" seadogs will claim victory and make it out alive with newfound fortunes.
Are you prepared? Get ready to embark on an island adventure and face off against your villainous companions!

Inspired by classic board games like "Incan Gold", you are sure to find steadfast companions that would walk the plank for you.
Remember to pack your favorite decks before you weigh anchor and venture out into the open ocean.

Choose from 8 adventurers, each with their own class specialties and decks. Build and customize their decks to create and refine your strategies!
Don't get overconfident if your hand seems strong; the fogs of the Lost Isles hide many threats. Use your compass to deduce whether the next island offers fortune, misery, or disaster.
Each step brings you closer to survival. Seize your luck and harness your strengths to claim victory!

Each choice you make on this perilous adventure affects your future in subtle ways. Consider your actions carefully, but remember - fortune favors the bold!
Over the span of ten thrilling minutes, you must overcome the sinister threats of the Lost Isles while protecting yourself from your three companions. Fighting for treasure is key to having fun in Journey of Greed!
Remember: treasures and gold coins are dazzling, but don't let them distract you from "surprises" thrown into the fray by your companions!

Time to test your friendships! Bring your friends and family along for an even more amusing adventure.
Such thrills are sure to make you eve closer... At least we hope...
While plundering landlubbers can be endlessly gratifying, don't forget to work together! Cooperation can lead to unexpected discoveries.
We hope you have fun - and we hope your friendships survive!

From the developer:
Ahoy, everyone! We're Dird Games, the developer of Journey of Greed.
We're excited to be able to communicate directly with other strategy board game enthusiasts,and hope that Journey of Greed will be so interesting that you'll want to flip a table.

After three years of tinkering and releasing countless test versions for our dedicated fans,we believe that the continued support and feedback has helped us get Journey of Greed to a place we're proud of.
We hope that our game will provide an entertaining experience for you and your friends,and that it scratches the itch you have for conflict in strategy games.

Time to set sail. We wish everyone the best of luck exploring the Lost Isles!

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