Screenshot of Battlefield 1914
Screenshot of Battlefield 1914
Screenshot of Battlefield 1914
Screenshot of Battlefield 1914
Screenshot of Battlefield 1914
Battlefield 1914

Battlefield 1914

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This is a solo game produced by a single person, I can not be all talented, try to restore the real battlefield atmosphere, sparrow is small, all the five organs ~
The story is set in World War I, the player plays as a soldier in world War I, attacking or defending the other side.

The game offers a variety of ways to play!
5 vehicles:
1.FT17 light tank, equipped with 1 tank gun and 1 machine gun, has high movement speed and low health, and can quickly turn back.
2.A7V heavy tank, with 1 tank gun and 4 machine guns, low movement speed and high health, penetrating weapon.
3.MarkI rhombus, with 2 tank guns and 3 machine guns, medium movement speed and medium health, 2 tank guns is a tank killer.
4.Dr1 Fuke, with 2 machine guns, high speed.
5.D. ⅲ Albatross, with 2 guns, medium speed.
3 fixed weapons:
1. Heavy machine guns, defensive sharpeners, and powerful firepower make the attackers immobile.
2. Anti-aircraft AA guns, as the name implies, prevent aircraft from fishing people.
3. Anti-tank gun, the correct use must be used for masturbation, easy to friendly fire.
Various firearms:
Browning, Lee-Enfield, Mondragon... Big Shuan is not a dream.

The game can be highly customizable: player cap, weather, attack and defense...

Finally, as a free game advertisement is inevitable, I promise that there will not be any advertisement during the play, some vehicles or guns need to see the advertisement to unlock, really a big conscience ~
I hope you can support me a lot. Little finger is the biggest motivation of the author.

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