Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena

Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena

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Screenshot of Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena
Screenshot of Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena
Screenshot of Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena
Screenshot of Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena
Screenshot of Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena
Screenshot of Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena


Once a hooper, always a hooper! Basketball for life!

Your rules, your freestyle!
Basketrio is a next-gen basketball mobile game that challenges both your skills and imagination. Equip your player with unique sneakers, outfits and your own customized basketball moves. Take your build to the streets, and compete with players from the US to the UK in real-time, skill-centric 3x3 games. Embrace the grind, experience the magic of basketball and become a streetball legend.

Real-time Competitive Playoffs
Easy to play, hard to master! Basketrio brings back the classic 3 on 3 half court basketball matches at a fast gaming pace. Hop in anytime for a three minute, 100% skill-centric match, which is perfect for showing off your unique play style! Lone wolf? Go duel in a 1 on 1 match and become legendary. From in season tournaments to All Star playoffs, rest assured you will never experience a dull moment in Basketrio!

How basketball should be!
Basketrio gives you the most freedom in customizing your character! Sign contracts with a diverse cast of basketball players, each with their own unique characteristics, talents, and abilities. Train them however best fits your playstyle. Receive massive rewards as you achieve various training goals! Create a basketball young blood that would make even Uncle Drew proud!

Make me like Mike!
Built on motion capture technology, Basketrio strives to bring back the signature moves of your favorite players! Recreate Kevin Durant’s Stop & Pop and Vince Carter’s Windmill. Copy Steph Curry’s three Pointer and Lebron James’ Chase-Down block. Remember to honor Kobe Bryant with his fade away and close it all off with Michael Jordan’s epic cradle dunk! Don’t forget to taunt your opponent with your favorite emotes after you score!

Head-to-toe Customization Options
Hundreds of costumes and accessories are there for you to choose from, giving your avatar a new look every game! Street wear, exotic, cosplay, steam-punk, futuristic sci-fi… All styles are covered. Take off that old jersey and go freestyle on your fashion! We consistently add new outfits, making sure the game keeps up with new trends in basketball and in fashion.

Visit World Famous Basketball Courts in an Instant!
Ever want to just chill in Los Angeles, beside its famed beach-side court, or maybe you prefer to bask in the Miami heat? Fret not, as Basketrio has a wide collection of all your favorite courts around the globe. With Tenement Taguig & Rucker Park etc. just to name a few, and forever adding more. Seasonal themed courts also open up for a limited period during Halloween & Christmas etc. The basketball match is only as good as the court you play in!



《Hardware Minimum Requirements》
Android:RAM 4GB or more;Android 5.0 or above
iOS:RAM 2GB or more(iphone 6s or higher);iOS9 or above(64bit)
Any hardware below the minimum requirements may affect your gaming experience such as crashes, lag, or, black screens.


Version 2.3.18 2022-04-13
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*3.0 Patch Notes:
- New Modes: Mastery Match,Conference Tournament,Street King Team-up, all waiting for you to challenge!
- New All-stars coming your way!
- New Events: Costume Puzzles, All-Star Show, Sales Party, etc. with various rewards awaits you!
- New Fortune Wheel to try out your luck!
- Elite Skills & Pro Point Stats now available
- Battle Optimization:
- New shooting system
- Optimize field goal rate system
- Optimize shooting, dunking, & blocking mechanic
- Readjust blocking points for Hail Mary, Fire in the Hole, & Sneak Out shooting tricks.
- Costume System Optimization:
- New Costume Guide Interface
- New Charm system
- Minor bug fixes


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Publisher ALL9FUN
Official Website Official Website
In-app Purchases Yes
Current Version 2.3.18
Size 1.77 GB
Last Updated on 2022-04-13
Network Connection Required
Play Store Required
System Requirements Android 5 +