Screenshot of Darkness & Divinity
Screenshot of Darkness & Divinity
Screenshot of Darkness & Divinity
Screenshot of Darkness & Divinity
Screenshot of Darkness & Divinity
Screenshot of Darkness & Divinity
Screenshot of Darkness & Divinity
Darkness & Divinity

Darkness & Divinity EA Global

Provider NOVA Game Studio
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⚔️ Darkness & Divinity is a 3D Dark Fantasy RPG where you will fight along hundreds of heroes from six different factions in an amazingly dark magical world. ⚔️

A sudden wave of anomalies in the Royal City of Pucela has been causing panic among the people. As you find clues and investigate these abnormal phenomena, you will encounter scores of terrifying Abyssal monsters.
In order to fight against evil and lift the veil on these mysterious happenings, you will have to recruit mighty heroes from different factions. Train your heroes and fight by their side to build the most powerful team that ever existed!Take up your arms and join the fight!

Explore an epic world of dark fantasy made of dozens of amazing maps, take part in a thrilling story and unravel the mystery that lies behind these abnormal phenomena.

More than 100 heroes from six different factions are waiting for your orders. Mage, Tank, Support, Archer, Assassin: recruit heroes from different professions and equip them with unique sets of equipment.

Fight dozens of Bosses with your Alliance through automated fast battles, win amazing loot and upgrade your equipment!

Recruit legendary heroes, fight other players in real-time 5V5 battles and move up the rankings to become the most glorious player of all!

Stages, quests, roguelike dungeons, equipment sets: our wide variety of RPG gameplays will provide you with the richest gaming experience possible. Join us and fight alongside your heroes to live an epic adventure!

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fierce rain
39 Views 10/25/2023
iI really want to play this game
Hario Adi Nugroho
49 Views 09/15/2023
Why I could not find it in Playstore?
52 Views 09/01/2023
🇿🇦:Am in love with this game tbh.. 😭I LOST IT AND NOW I found it again😭😭😭🎉🎉🎉🎉😍🥰
TapTap Creator
Mobile Gaming Tier List : September 2022 - (Gacha/Hero Colllectors, MMO's,RPGs)
2.8K Views 11/01/2022
Timothy Pietrzak
69 Views 01/29/2023
So many questions about how and what to do.. a lot of resources and gear and etc. etc. etc.. no tutorials not sure what to use to level characters.. no guides on line.. just a lot of figuring stuff out.
Dying To Play
Darkness & Divinity - Unlocking New Rare Character The Ghost Pirate - Android Gameplay
6.4K Views 09/09/2022
188 Views 08/29/2022
really enjoying the game. The graphics are great, combat is fun. The little random stories they have during the campaign is great. The dungeon... Man the dungeon they really took to a new level. The optional doors you select from and the relics for buffs. Love it.
TapTap Creator
Darkness & Divinity - Rewind Impressions/Best Idle Game Hands Down
3.8K Views 11/28/2022
Justanother Nobody
Looks nice but...
238 Views 09/08/2022
The graphics and art style are nice. Downside is the game seems to be very buggy. I"ve only tried playing this for around 15 mins so far and the game has got stuck 3 times already. It doesn't  freeze but it will just stop on a screen after a battle for example and there's nothing you can do but restart. If it continues to happen this often it will make me uninstall very soon. Another downside is that it's very big for an idle game. At around 4gigs so far.
286 Views 04/16/2022
good game, personally i like the art concept alot, reminds me of dark souls and bloodborne, i really like how the scenario from start button to in game, for quest to quest, man it's beautiful. the characters design is pretty generic but beautiful on specific details i think. gameplay, i like the realtime battle style, i actually hope for more active skill to control for each character on site (don't know if there's more because i didn't play the game that much), but that's how this game is for me. there are some bug, freezes, i hope can be fixed at future release. i hope the game have beautiful future because personally i like this game lol..thank you dev team
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