Screenshot of Reboot The World
Screenshot of Reboot The World
Screenshot of Reboot The World
Screenshot of Reboot The World
Screenshot of Reboot The World
Reboot The World

Reboot The World

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In 2088, human beings successfully developed quantum computers and consciousness uploading technology, yet the developer, Dr. Veda, fell victim to an accident in an experiment. At that time, the most cutting-edge technology still could not save her life, scientists decided to upload the doctor's consciousness to the Internet instead. Surprisingly, her consciousness gradually merged with the computer, and eventually the doctor was "reborn" in the new world, people called her the Mastermind "Veda". More and more humans decided to upload their consciousness to be "Immortal". Turning a virtual world into a the "New Reality". The booming world also bred more explosive desires, and human beings declared wars to secure the limited resources. The Mastermind underwent an evolution, and ordered the robot legions to "eliminate" human beings indiscriminately, we have to form an army to rise up against it. The vanguard units of human being confronted the Mastermind, however, they met with failure after failure. Reset the World, be Reborn Once More! Never Give Up. We Need You!
Explore the Virtual World
The world of 2088 is filled with virtual realities created by computers. What is real? And what is virtual? The whole world with 2560000 blocks of sandbox is left for you to explore.
Expand Territory
In order to take over the mysterious technology, you can’t fight alone. Form your own Alliance and expand your territory. Assemble your troops or even with other Alliances to compete with your rivals for the ultimate technology.
Exploit Resources
Free building is allowed.
You can build whatever you want anywhere at anytime. Exploit resources in the wilderness and within your own buildings. The whole process is like Business simulation. Use your wisdom to win the game.
Exterminate Rivals
Different levels with difficulties gradually growing up will lead player to experience the game in an enjoyable sensation. Massive hidden plots can be unlocked during the process of exterminating rivals and conquering levels.
Heroes are fully armed
Over 50 different heroes with featured abilities and skills are waiting for your commands. Use these heroes to lead your troops and develop effective strategies to destroy your opponents. Heroes are constantly adding and updating and can be changed into different fashions.

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