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Thanks Landfall
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I’ve been waiting for this game for about 5 years just to play it, but I started watching it 6 years ago. I am so excited I am able to. The only reason I wasn’t able to play before was because at the time the computer I used wasn’t able to run it and it was probably gonna be laggy and also no other device would work at the time. Thank you Landfall for making it mobile.
metroman markiplier
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THE GAME IS AWESOME! Theres a Community Workshop, Secret Characters, many different maps, and so much more! I have played on it with my XBOX One, and the graphics are amazing! I would recommend 10/10!
l hope the game get released in the public
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if this game gets released l will download it since it never got released l will be waiting
'Totally Accurate Battle Simulator' review
113 Views 11/13/2022
This game is a vibe. Creating battles between different historical civilizations or mythical creatures is really fun. The game also has ragdoll physics that make it ten times funnier. Mods also make it even better with the addition of modern military troops or the whole Star Wars universe. A 10/10 sandbox experience no doubt.
Jayden Simbeck
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IT would be five stars if TWO things changed number one STOP PUTTING NOT READY THINGS IN ADDS or at least put not ready next to the device and two the most important of all LET US PLAY ALREADY oh and one last thing STOP MAKING US PAY FOR THINGS!!!!!!!!!
Really looking forward to this game and it's just wonderful to see this game go on mobile but considering that it's a pay-to-play I know it will be worth it.
73 Views 11/17/2022
66 Views 11/14/2022
here.this game is just perfect. Really fun Infinite possibilities Really good campagin SO much cool secret thing (like troops and abilities) Even making custom charaters And u can even make custom wars/battles/1v1 This is the best simulator game
When is this game coming out?
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I'm looking forward to it. I wonder when it will come out. They say it will be installed after 2 months of reservation, but it seems like a lie. This is a game I really want to play.
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I like this game so I want it and what is the the date of the release? I would appreciate it❤️
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I really just wanna play this game, listen just making your own battles either historical or goofy, its just really fun just imagine what you can make. like medieval, modern war, and anything you can imagine.
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