8 Views 2022/8/28
This game is great, you only need servers because there are no players
Ratchasak Khammuang
4 Views 2022/7/6
48 Views 2022/4/19
This game is done well: it has nice graphics and the animations (with some bugs) are decent. Unfortunately, however, it has a very big flaw. It has few active players and that makes the game very boring, so I would like to tell the developers if they could release the game on more popular stores, for example the Play Store, that would help a lot. Also, add the possibility of being able to access the game as a guest (so without WeChat/QQ) and maybe even without a VPN, since the servers are only in China. However, I hope this game can have a better future.
65 Views 2022/4/22
the game is super smooth when u are in asia southeast server but we need more updates asap, and add social media so we can see your post about your game , the gameplay is good 9/10, graphics is 9.5/10 and and easy to earn money with ads
27 Views 2022/4/13
The graphics and effects are great but the controls are bad, there's a lot of things that needs to be fixed and needs to be added 1. Add settings in menu 2. Add more settings for the controls 3. Add customizable ADS settings 4. Fix the gyroscope, it has a lot of flickering 5. Fix the grammar, i can't understand some of the sentences 6. Fix the menu HUD (I'm not sure about this, i just don't feel like HUD is good)
Sugeng Purnomo
9 Views 2022/6/7
an error occurred while installing it
SHOTDAWN testing
528 Views 2022/6/1
15 Views 2022/4/11
⭐⭐ Does not have a lot of active players at the moment and for some reason online matches are set to 25 minutes. Not exciting when there are only 3 people in the match and it lasts 25 minutes. I'll return in the future to see if things have improved.
Good game, but no one playing the game. I think the game's dead
37 Views 2022/5/2
kokoro sealina
5 Views 2022/4/10
SOLVE THIS PROBLEM PLSS i cant use crouch button when fireing with moving joystick i hope that will be fixed at next update
That's everything for now. Start a new game?