Screenshot of Dying Night Zombie Parkour 3D
Screenshot of Dying Night Zombie Parkour 3D
Screenshot of Dying Night Zombie Parkour 3D
Screenshot of Dying Night Zombie Parkour 3D
Screenshot of Dying Night Zombie Parkour 3D
Screenshot of Dying Night Zombie Parkour 3D
Dying Night Zombie Parkour 3D

Dying Night Zombie Parkour 3D

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We’ve embodied what a lot of players were waiting for so long!
New format of the action role playing game with post-apocalypse setting.
Dying night is single player first person survival with 2 best features
that are finally set in one mobile game!


You need to survive in the dying city of Light.
Watch out the hordes of walkers,
enjoy various quests of the game,
look for food and weapons,
and remember there's always light after the dark.

You don’t have to worry about an internet connection,
you can play the game offline.

The story takes place in the apocalyptic Light city.
The Zombie outbreak causes the death of almost all citizens.
Survivors are trapped in the dying town.
You play for John, an ordinary student.

Remains of the live people set up an armed camp.
One of the citizens teaches you the basic skills of parkour.
This way you enhanced your survival skills.
You can slide, jump, climb to avoid walking zombies.

There are only 2 of your family left: you and your sister Loo.
During one of your raids to the city your sister was infected.
Your mission is to help your dying younger sister.
Find medicine to cure her from the virus.

Bring the light back to her eyes.
Now it’s up to you will she live or die.

Wrong treatment of the pandemic dangerous virus
causes outbreak of mutation in the dying city,
now walking deads kill and eat people.
You need to survive in the remains of an apocalyptic Light city.

- do parkour
- smash locks
- loot items
- take weapons
- kill zombies

- parkour
- melee combat
- various weapons
- open world

- jumping high / vaulting
- speed running
- wall running
- climbing ledges
- sliding

- melee combat arsenal
- protective gear
- other equipment
- food

We are still working hard on new content for the game.
We are planning to add to the game:

- multiplayer
- day-night cycle
- new challenges
- variety of enemies
- new locations
- side missions
- various collectibles
- more weapons and ammo
- more original levels
- more parkour moves
- new enemy types

Scavenge for scraps to survive
Explore different locations,
but watch out for the dangers.
Pick your favorite kind of 2 tactics:

Jump over zombies or kill them with melee weapons.
Avoid traps for walking deads.
Help other survivors in the dying Light city
and don’t let zombies destroy it.

- modern polygon graphics style
- attractive effects of animation
- pleasant game interface
- killing visual effects

Enjoy our dying night parkour mechanics and ​​gameplay.
Hurry up before the light goes!
Become the best zombie killer and a hero
in our survival horror!
Fight for your life!

Play and join our discord server to follow Dying night development and interact with other players:

Feel free to light up defects and share your ideas on gameplay, locations, plot, graphics, etc.

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